New York State and Senecas Agree on 20-Year Gaming Compact Framework

  • The two parties came to an agreement in principle for a new compact
  • The specifics of this gaming compact will be hammered out in the coming days
  • The legislature, governor, Seneca citizens, and US DoI still need to approve the compact
People negotiating an agreement
New York State and the Seneca Nation of Indians have agreed in principle on the framework for a new 20-year gaming compact. [Image:]

The Seneca Nation of Indians and New York State have come to an agreement on the framework for a new 20-year gaming compact, allowing the tribe to continue operating its casinos in the region.

Seneca Nation President Rickey Armstrong Jr. held a brief press conference to confirm the agreement in principle and noted that the specifics will be finalized over the coming days. The tribe relies heavily on its three casinos to generate revenue.

current gaming compact has been in effect since 2002

The current gaming compact has been in effect since 2002 and will expire in December. The tribe had concerns over the negotiation process, including New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s conflict of interest. Her husband works for Delaware North, a competitor of the tribe. She recused herself from negotiations because of the conflict.

There were also uncertainties about reaching an agreement before the end of the current legislative session this week. The legislature will need to give the all-clear to the governor’s office to sign the deal. Governor Hochul also still needs to give her approval, as do Seneca Nation citizens. The final step in the process will be for the US Department of the Interior to review and green-light the new compact.

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