Catching the Culprits of Suspicious Betting Activity in the US

  • U.S. Integrity monitors betting activity in real-time to combat potentially nefarious bets
  • It gathers the evidence and then passes it on to the relevant operators and authorities
  • Alerts arise when algorithms identify suspicious activity or if some party reports concerns
Detective with eye enlarged by magnifying glass
U.S. Integrity is the company that monitors the US sports betting industry, catches suspicious betting activity, and alerts the proper organizations. [Image:]

One of the big concerns that US professional and amateur sports organizations had when the federal ban on sports betting ended in 2018 was the risk to the integrity of sports. They wanted extensive measures in place to ensure against the manipulation of games.

U.S. Integrity, a sports betting fraud prevention and compliance firm, is at the forefront of this kind of protection. The Nevada-based company gathers evidence and passes it to the relevant authorities, aiming to catch suspicious betting patterns in real-time and stop any nefarious activity before sportsbooks payout the bets.

common infractions relate to prohibited bettor activity and the usage of insider information

Alerts get raised when algorithms identify some suspicious activity or if a governing body, sportsbook operator, or regulator has concerns. The most common infractions relate to prohibited bettor activity and the use of insider information.

A number of high-profile cases have been in the news recently involving college sports. The University of Alabama’s head baseball coach lost his job last month over suspicious betting activity. A sportsbook operator spotted some abnormal activity and informed U.S. Integrity. The firm alerted other operators and sent a comprehensive report to the relevant investigative agencies.

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