Influencers Can Now Take Photos and Stream Table Game Action at MGM Resorts Properties in Nevada

  • MGM Resorts International’s new “Streaming/Video/Photo” policy launched last month
  • People can text, talk on phones, and take pictures of their hands if they don’t hold up play
  • Content creators will be able to stream their gameplay if they get approval to do so beforehand
Man taking a selfie at a poker table
MGM Resorts International is now allowing people to use their phones and capture certain types of content while playing table games in Nevada. [Image:]

MGM Resorts International has rolled out a new “Streaming/Video/Photo” policy for its Nevada properties. This new approach began in May and attempts to strike a balance between people capturing content and infringing on the gameplay or the privacy of fellow players:

Over the years, it typically wasn’t acceptable for table game players to use their phones mid-game. Dealers would often ask patrons to put away their devices or fellow players would let their feelings be known.

take pictures of their own hands

In an age when mobile phone usage is so prevalent, MGM Resorts now provides certain allowances for table game players. People can text if it doesn’t hold up the action, briefly talk on their phone if they are not part of the current round, and take pictures of their own hands.

Content creators will be able to stream the gameplay if they get approval to do so beforehand. Patrons will still be unable to leave a device on the gaming table for an extended time period or take pictures of staff, gaming equipment, and fellow players.

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