Wounded Las Vegas Robber Has Cancer and No Longer Wishes to Live, According to Mother

  • The two police officers shot the suspect in the Gold Coast casino parking lot
  • His mother claims that he has cancer for the third time and is suicidal
  • He is the suspect in a string of commercial robberies in recent weeks
Police in Las Vegas shot a suspected robber after the man fired upon them in a casino parking lot. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Two police officers have returned fire and wounded a suspected robber in a Las Vegas casino parking lot. According to his mother, who spoke with the Las Vegas-Review Journal this week, the suspect has cancer for the third time and no longer wishes to live

he proceeded to fire rounds at them with a handgun

Authorities confronted Matthew Glunt in the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino’s garage at about 11pm on Thursday. Video footage shows that he proceeded to fire rounds at them with a handgun. After a taser proved unsuccessful in stopping the assailant, the officers shot the 48-year-old with live rounds.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been investigating a recent string of commercial robberies across Las Vegas. In each incident, the robber would demand money by passing a note to employees of various businesses. Identifying Glunt as the suspect, authorities managed to track him down to the parking lot where the incident took place.

Glunt now faces numerous charges, including three counts of robbery and three counts of attempted murder of a police officer. Talking to LVRJ, Glunt’s mother said she was shocked that her son was involved but that he has told her of his suicidal state. Glunt reportedly is in a stable condition following the shooting.

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