Endeavour’s COO Does Not See WWE Betting as a Big Growth Area

  • Endeavor Group is acquiring the WWE in a deal worth $9.3bn
  • The WWE has been seeking approval to allow bettors to wager on the outcomes of matches
  • Endeavour COO Mark Shapiro believes that in-match wagering won’t be possible
WWE logo on building
Endeavour Group COO Mark Shapiro does not believe that betting on WWE matches will be a big area of growth. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

UFC parent company Endeavor Group announced last month that it is acquiring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a deal worth $9.3bn. In a recent appearance the Sports Media Podcast, Endeavour’s chief operating officer Mark Shapiro discussed the possibility of betting on WWE matches.

While the outcome of WWE matches is pre-determined, the organization reportedly has been in talks with certain US state gaming regulators about allowing wagering on these events. EY is on board to help create a system to safeguard the pre-determined results.

Shapiro acknowledged the popularity of sports betting, especially in-game wagering. He spoke about parlays, prop bets, and in-play betting all lending themselves well to sports like the UFC, but not the WWE.

in-game is going to be very hard to do”

Due to the scripted nature of the events, Shapiro said that in-event wagering is “never going to be a growth strategy for them.” He does believe that pre-match betting on the winner of a given bout will likely be an option, but that “in-game is going to be very hard to do.”

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