Texas Lieutenant Governor Ends Sports Betting Hopes Stating Senate Won’t “Waste Time” on Bill

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said no support meant he wouldn’t refer HB 1942 to GOP vote
  • The GOP’s sway on sports betting in Texas is increasing calls for a public referendum
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Texas bettors will have to wait at least another year for legal sports betting after Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said he wasn’t going to waste the Senate’s time on a bill that Republicans didn’t support. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick came out shooting from the hip recently and effectively killed any hope of legal sports betting in the state.

On Saturday, Patrick began by reminding his audience that he had repeatedly warned that the Republican senators have shown minimal to zero inclination to support the expansion of gambling.

Via Twitter, Patrick said he polled members again last week and their stance hadn’t changed:

The Republican lieutenant governor added that the Senate doesn’t “waste time on bills without overwhelming GOP support.”

Just to make sure sports bettors understood, Patrick concluded with: “HB 1942 won’t be referred.”

Patrick’s words emphasize the GOP’s sway on sports betting

And so the Texas sports betting soap opera gets at least another season. Patrick’s words emphasize the GOP’s sway on sports betting and a rising clamor of calls for a public referendum.

Would-be Texan sports bettors, probably long since dispensed of any rose-tinted hopes, may have still felt this was their year after the House approved HB 1942 last week. In another parallel universe perhaps, the GOP approves Senate Joint Resolution 39 by two-thirds majority, Governor Greg Abbott adds his ink to HB 1942, and sports-mad Texas gets the ability to place legal bets.

Until something similar comes to pass, any speculation about what sports betting may bring to Texas is like dust on a tumbleweed.

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