Las Vegas’s First Marijuana-Friendly Hotel Will Open Its Doors in June

  • Developers are giving The Artisan a makeover to create the marijuana-friendly The Lexi
  • It will feature a floor for marijuana consumption and filtration systems in every room
  • The Lexi will also have a European-style pool where topless bathing will be permitted
Artisan hotel
It’s been a long time coming but Las Vegas’s first marijuana-friendly hotel, The Lexi, is opening on June 2. [Image:]

The property formerly known as The Artisan is set to make a splash this summer as it unveils its new multimillion-dollar transformation into The Lexi Las Vegas. It’s a debut that also makes history, heralding Sin City’s first marijuana-friendly hotel.

an entire floor for marijuana smoking

The Elevations Hotels and Resorts-owned Lexi will open its doors June 2, permitting cannabis consumption following the renovation of 64 rooms and suites. According to a release by the hotel, it has fitted an entire floor for marijuana smoking, with a filtration system present in every room.

Elevations president and CEO Alex Rizk is no stranger to these types of hotels, having pioneered Arizona’s first example, The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix. Rizk said, however, that Vegas is a unique city that his firm is “thrilled to be a part of.” The CEO said the Lexi also gives Elevations a platform to showcase a fresh hotel concept defined, in part, by the “acceptance and normalization of cannabis in the hospitality space.”

The Lexi’s ad agency, meanwhile, is having fun with the sassy, tongue-in-cheek tone that borrows from The Artisan’s colorful past. The Lexy’s website opens with: “Dearest cocktail, cannabis, and cabana connoisseurs… come quick… cut loose from the status quo.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the hotel will also launch with one of Vegas’s first European-style swimming pools, allowing topless bathing.

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