VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to Booming Games CCO Frederik Niehusen

  • Niehusen has seen Booming Games grow rapidly in his seven years with the supplier
  • The CCO believes the key to standing out is inventive mashups and exciting features
  • King Cobra, a recent SOTW feature, is a one-of-a-kind game, according to Niehusen
  • For the rest of 2023, Booming Games is entering new jurisdictions, such as Canada
Booming Games
VSO News spoke with Frederik Niehusen, CCO of Booming Games, to find out about new release King Cobra.

The online slots of Booming Games deliver all of the excitement the company’s name suggests. Now boasting more than 40 titles, the company’s slots portfolio has everything from bank heists in Crack the Bank to rainforest adventures in The Jungle Empire.

Booming Games’ latest release King Cobra fits perfectly into that mix of innovative games. It recently made it into VegasSlotsOnline’s Slots of the Week for its atmospheric, nature-themed gameplay. It offers wins of up to 10,000 x stake and plenty of features, including reel multipliers and mystery wild multipliers.

VSO News caught up with Booming Games CCO Frederik Niehusen this week to find out a little bit more about the game and the brains behind it.

Thanks for speaking with us! You’ve been with Booming Games for more than seven years now. Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve seen the company develop in that time?

Thank you for having me! Booming Games started as a family and friends business and the company has grown significantly in the last few years. However, we do maintain the family and friends feel in the company and let everyone explore their full potential.

we have taken a player-oriented approach, designing our games from a player perspective

During our time in the business, we have taken a player-oriented approach, designing our games from a player perspective. Players can have a distinctive and interesting gaming experience with Booming Games. We stand out from other iGaming slot providers thanks to a number of significant characteristics.

In the last seven years, we have significantly grown from a handful of employees to a multi-national company with over 30 nationalities and countries presented. Also, we have successfully managed to shift from one slot a month to two or three a month. All that became possible thanks to the full dedication of the entire team.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Those are many as I am lucky to be in the center of our commercial team and lead them to success.

My main duty as Booming Games’ chief commercial officer is to create and carry out the business’s commercial strategy. This involves recognizing and embracing fresh business possibilities, developing and maintaining connections with important clients, and promoting revenue development. I am also in charge of managing the company’s sales and marketing operations, which include creating and implementing go-to-market plans, controlling product positioning, and locating fresh market niches to target.

I am proud to have built such a strong and successful team that supports me in achieving our company targets. I enjoy working with them every day. 

Have you had to overcome any major challenges working with Booming Games?

Yes, definitely. Due to the industry’s intense competition, developing a brand as an iGaming slot provider can be fairly difficult. The iGaming market is crowded, with many well-known slot suppliers and a large number of new ones appearing every day. This makes it difficult for new service providers to enter the market and draw a sizable clientele.

iGaming is a highly regulated sector, and suppliers must adhere to a variety of laws and regulations, which can vary by jurisdiction. This is another crucial factor that needs to be taken into account. These rules may raise prices for new suppliers and erect barriers to entry.

every one of those challenges teaches me something new

So, every day is a new challenge that I actually love as every one of those challenges teaches me something new.

On that subject, what is the key to making sure your games stand out in such a saturated market?

Booming Games is renowned for its inventive mashups of captivating features and enjoyable bonuses. High-quality graphics and visually pleasing, captivating animations are used in the design of our slot machines. The business makes significant investments in creating games of the highest caliber and providing a flawless gaming experience.

A variety of themes are available from Booming Games. Our collection can please even the most demanding players with classic slots like Burning Classics and Legendary Diamonds and popular themes like The Wild Wings of Phoenix and TNT Bonanza.

Additionally, we use a mobile-first strategy. Our team makes sure that our games are prepared for use on mobile platforms. As a result, players can take their favorite games with them while still getting the same level of quality and performance.

distinctive and captivating games that appeal to a broad variety of players

At Booming Games, we prioritize player experience, quality, and creativity. We have built a solid name in the market and stand out from other iGaming slot suppliers because of our dedication to creating distinctive and captivating games that appeal to a broad variety of players.

What is the next big thing in iGaming in your opinion in terms of technology or game design?

Fantastic slot releases and gamification tools are just a couple of the amazing items we have in the works. I would prefer to hold my cards close to my chest for the time being, but Booming Games will continue to lead the iGaming sector by producing outstanding online content that enthralls users and offers the best entertainment.

Now onto our Slots of the Week hit King Cobra. Tell us a bit about what makes the game so great. 

The King Cobra slot has a great theme of dangerous jungles and predators that live freely in the dark forest.

King Cobra slot reels by Booming Games
King Cobra by Booming Games

It is a 5×5, 15-line video slot that features Poison Spins as well as Mystery Wild Multipliers. You need to trigger three scatters to go into a Free Spin round. Every time you catch the King Cobra on the reel, it grants you an extra three Poison Spins. If you look above the reel, you can check the multiplier that rewards you up to x20 the bet. Look for a Green Cobra, Epic Green Cobra, or Gold Cobra as they shower you with some epic wins!

This slot is one-of-a-kind within our portfolio

The Mystery Wild Multipliers will multiply the high winnings after landing on the reel and reward you for being brave it the dark jungle! This slot is one-of-a-kind within our portfolio and definitely stands out.

How was the design process for this game? Did you encounter any difficulties?

It was a smooth process to design this slot as we used features that function well together and are popular for Booming Games’ slots. Our design team is always full of ideas and the execution of the graphics and sound is immaculate.

What’s next for Booming Games for the rest of 2023?

We are very happy to announce the entry into new jurisdictions such as Denmark, Portugal, Canada (Ontario) as well as Romania soon, right after the successful start in the UK, the Netherlands, Columbia, and Spain. 

We are always exploring new ideas about mechanics, design, and themes and are sure it will be a very successful year for Booming Games! 

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