New York Court Encourages Investigation of Golden Nugget Casino and Supposed Illegal Dice

  • Alvin Chan lost $469,125 at the Golden Nugget Casino craps table
  • Chan claims the casino admitted to using illegal dice for years
  • Chan’s original claim was denied, but that has been deemed “premature”
Golden Nugget Atlantic City
A New York Court asked New Jersey to investigate a claim from a gambler that accused the Golden Nugget casino of using “cheating” dice. [Image:]

Illegitimate dice at Golden Nugget craps table?

A New York court has encouraged New Jersey officials to examine a gambler’s claim that the Golden Nugget casino cheated him out of $469,125.

nontransparent dice that were marked with table numbers and other scratches

Wayne Chan accused the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City of using special dice at a craps table. Chan lost the near-half-a-million dollars during visits from 2018-19, but said the casino used special nontransparent dice that were marked with table numbers and other scratches. If true, that violates New Jersey state gambling laws, which stipulate that dice must be transparent. 

“The use of nontransparent dice is particularly egregious as it potentially facilitates cheating through using weighted dice.“ Chan’s lawyers said. “These illegal practices placed Plaintiff at an even greater disadvantage when the games are already stacked against the players and in favor of the casinos.”

After taking his frustrations to a casino manager, Chan was told the casino had been “doing this for years.” He is using that as evidence that he is not the only gambler that has been cheated.

Chan’s original claim was deemed unsuccessful, and the Golden Nugget sought $200,000 in repayment. However, the Appellate Division, First Department in Manhattan said last Thursday that the decision was “premature.” It is now requesting the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) launch an investigation to determine if the dice were fair or unfair.

Chan originally filed a complaint with the DGE in 2020. A decision has not been reached.

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