Daniel Negreanu, Eric Persson to Square Off in High Stakes Duel 4

  • Shaun Deeb and Mike Matusow will also play in an “undercard” match
  • New rules stipulate that a player who wins two straight matches is crowned champion
  • If they split the two rounds, the second round loser can request a third round
High Stakes Duel 4 banner
Daniel Negreanu and Eric Persson are set to play each other in High Stakes Duel 4, while Shaun Deeb and Mike Matusow will square off on the “undercard.” [Image: PokerGO.com]

PokerGO has announced that Daniel Negreanu will face Eric Persson in High Stakes Duel 4 May 8-9, the first match of the popular heads-up competition since December 2022. In addition, PokerGO has added what it calls an “undercard” match between Shaun Deeb and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow.

a mandatory rematch in Round 2 the next day

The rules of High Stakes Duel have also changed in an apparent attempt to shorten the seasons. Negreanu and Persson will each put up $50,000 in Round 1 on May 8 and then turn around for a mandatory rematch in Round 2 the next day. The winner of Round 1 will risk his $100,000 total prize from the first round in Round 2, while the loser will have to bring their own $100,000.

If one person wins two consecutive matches, it’s over and they are crowned High Stakes Duel 4 champion. If they split the rounds, the loser of Round 2 can request a rematch. PokerGO did not specify the stakes for the third round. Should the Round 2 loser decide against a rematch, they are eliminated and presumably the winner will take on somebody else, but again, PokerGO did not specify. Also unclear is what happens if the Round 2 loser wins Round 3, but that bridge shall be crossed when and if they get there.

The Deeb/Matusow single-round “undercard” match on May 5 has a $10,000 buy-in.

Negreanu last played in High Stakes Duel 2 and was swept in three rounds by Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth has dominated High Stakes Duel, going 9-2. His last loss came at the hands of Jason Koon in December, when they played for a staggering $800,000 a piece.

As always, the new season of High Stakes Duel will be streamed on PokerGO’s subscription service.

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