Police Justified in Fatal Shooting Outside MGM Casino, Rules DA

  • The Hampden DA believes criminal charges aren’t warranted and the investigation is closed
  • A Massachusetts State Trooper supposedly acted in self defense when he shot the man
  • The victim had tried to flee from troopers before opening fire on them in the casino car park
Police tape
The Hampden DA has deemed a fatal shooting by police outside of the MGM Springfield to be lawful. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Hampden District Attorney (DA) Anthony Gulluni believes that police were justified in using deadly force in a fatal shooting outside the MGM Springfield casino resort in February this year. He emphasized that “criminal charges are not warranted and this investigation is closed.”

the trooper opened fire only after the deceased shot first

An unnamed Massachusetts State Trooper shot at an armed male 17 times during the incident, with the man ultimately dying from a gunshot wound to the chest. Body cam footage demonstrated that the trooper opened fire only after the deceased shot first. The self-defensive nature of the officer’s actions led to the lawful ruling.

The deceased was 48-year-old William Tisdol. He reportedly had an argument with another patron at the casino in the early hours of February 25. The Connecticut man told casino security that he had a gun and was going to shoot the other patron. Tisdol had a significant criminal record, spending a dozen years in prison for drug dealing. An active warrant was also out for his arrest for firearm charges in New York.

Two troopers, who are a part of the Gaming Enforcement Unit, saw Tisdol in the MGM Resorts International-owned casino’s car park. He tried to run away but opened fire after one of the troopers announced that he was going to tase him.

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