Former Chelsea Star Reveals He Lost £6m Gambling, Approves of New Front-of-Shirt Ban

  • Gudjohnsen’s issues with gambling began when he was out injured
  • He would often bet as much as £2,000 in one spin of online roulette
  • The former Chelsea forward believes that shirt sponsors can be very influential on fans
Chelsea FC flag
Former Chelsea star Eidur Gudjohnsen has revealed he lost £6m gambling during his career and he supports the incoming front-of-shirt gambling sponsor ban in the EPL. [Image:]

Former Chelsea FC forward Eidur Gudjohnsen has revealed that he lost about £6m ($7.5m) gambling during his career. He believes the recently announced ban on front-of-shirt gambling sponsorship in the UK Premier League is a step in the right direction.

would often spend £2,000 ($2,483) on just one online roulette spin

The former Icelandic player spoke over the weekend about his gambling habit, explaining that it was when he was out of action dealing with an injury that his gambling began. He said that during one five-month period, he lost £400,000 ($496,530) and he would often spend £2,000 ($2,483) on just one online roulette spin.

It didn’t take long for Gudjohnsen’s gambling to spin out of control. He said that athletes often look for other ways to get an adrenaline rush, which is when gambling and other vices like alcohol can enter the picture.

Gudjohnsen won two Premier League titles with Chelsea and a UEFA Champions League medal with Barcelona.

The 44-year-old believes that the front-of-shirt ban was long overdue. He talked about how influential a shirt sponsor can be due to the sheer number of people who see it. Gudjohnsen would like big clubs to promote worthier causes on their jerseys. The former forward cited UNICEF previously sponsoring FC Barcelona and the huge awareness that created for a good cause.

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