Amazon Muscles Into ChatGPT Space With Multifunctional AI, Bedrock

  • Bedrock can whip up an ad campaign complete with images and social media posts
  • Unlike ChatGPT’s sole language model, Bedrock has at least four AI models
Amazon building

Amazon has made its long-anticipated move into generative artificial intelligence with the launch of Bedrock AI. A direct rival to Microsoft’s ChatGPT and OpenAI’s DALL-E, Bedrock is more personalized and businesslike than its competitors, according to Amazon.

Amazon Web Services shared a Bedrock welcome message from its president of data and machine learning, Swami Sivasubramanian, via Twitter on Thursday:

According to Amazon, Bedrock is a new service for building and scaling generative AI applications that can generate text, build chatbots, create and collate images, add audio, and incorporate synthetic data in response to user prompts. The tech powerhouse has claimed it’s similar to having:

a full-services marketing agency at your fingertips.

A start-up business owner can use Bedrock to create a targeted ad campaign for gambling memorabilia, for example. Feed it data and Bedrock will come up with a personalized online media campaign, from social media posts to display ads and advertorials.

The advantage Bedrock seems to have over ChatGPT is that the latter relies solely on its GPT-4 language model. Bedrock states that it brings a range of AI models to the user, such as “AI21’s Jurassic-2; Anthropic’s Claude; Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion; and Amazon Titan,” allowing the system to specify tasks according to needs.

Bedrock has given the Amazon PR department something positive to shout about after some major job cuts this year, including more than 400 from its subsidiary Twitch.

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