Kick Streamers Heelmike and Suspendas Embroiled in Sex, Drug Controversy

  • Kick has not been far from controversy since its launch last year
  • Heelmike livestreamed a man snorting what appeared to be cocaine
  • Suspendas supposedly engaged in on-stream sex with a minor present
Heelmike and Suspendas
Kick streamers Heelmike (left) and Suspendas (right) are embroiled in controversy once more for on-stream sex and drug use.

Since it launched towards the end of last year, Kick has quickly become a home for controversy in the streaming world. Some of the world’s most divisive content creators have shifted to the Stake-owned platform, and now two of them have received backlash once more for their latest escapades.

live streaming a man snorting what appears to be cocaine

Heelmike was the first major streamer to receive a ban from Kick in February after streaming himself engaging in a sex act with a girl. Now, the American Twitch star is under fire again after live streaming a man snorting what appears to be cocaine. The incident took place at a party Heelmike was attending on Monday night:

Like Heelmike, content creator Suspendas is well acquainted with controversy. According to onlookers who have analyzed one of his latest streams, the American engaged in an on-stream sex act with a minor in the room.

Although the incident occurred out of frame, fellow streamer Slykane has alleged that the child of Suspendas’ partner was present based on his analysis of the scene. Commenting in a YouTube video, Slykane said: “The kid was right there. She even says it, ‘my kid is watching the dinosaur, don’t worry,’ she says it. It’s probably not the kid’s first time that this is happening.”

Suspendas and Heelmike’s accounts still remain active on Kick. Suspendas also avoided a ban in December despite supposedly appearing naked multiple times on stream.

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