Man Robs Rivers Casino in Virginia, Captured in Parking Lot

  • Troyon Johnson stole $2,600 from the Portsmouth, Virginia casino cashier
  • Johnson broke free from officers, but was apprehended later
  • He faces a maximum sentence of 22 years if convicted on all counts
Cards, dice, and chips floating around shadowy hooded figure
A man who snatched $2,600 from the Rivers Casino Portsmouth cashier and was captured soon thereafter faces up to 22 years behind bars. [Image:]

A man is facing grand larceny charges for a failed February 27 attempt to steal $2,600 from Rivers Casino in Portsmouth, Virginia.

swiped $2,600 and bolted for the exit

Cameras inside the casino caught Troyon Johnson as he went to the cashier to cash $7,000 worth of chips he pilfered from a table. As the cashier went to fetch the money, he swiped $2,600 and bolted for the exit.

Johnson was not able to sneak away, however, and he was tracked down by a Portsmouth police officer and a detective who heard the call as it was radioed in. The three collided and had a scuffle in the parking lot, at which time Johnson managed to escape.

But the chase did not end there. The officer and the detective spotted Johnson hiding in a nearby bush and eventually apprehended him after another chase on foot.

Johnson is now awaiting his next court date on April 21. He is being charged with grand larceny, resisting arrest, and obtaining money under false pretenses. If convicted on all three charges, he faces a maximum of 22 years behind bars.

Rivers Casino in Portsmouth opened on January 23, 2023. The $340m casino has close to 1,500 slot machines, table games, a poker room, and a BetRivers sportsbook.

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