Live Online Casino Shuffler Won At Least $47,000 Betting on His Own Games

  • Sebastian Echeverri had three accounts with DraftKings he was using to bet on his own games
  • He exploited his position to manipulate the deck in 26+ blackjack games, winning at least $47,000
  • Echeverri turned himself in and admitted to tampering with cards and placing online bets
Person rigging a deck of cards
A live online casino game shuffler in Connecticut was found to have manipulated the cards and bet on the games. [Image:]

A live online casino shuffler in Connecticut has admitted to betting on his own games and cheating while doing so. 23-year-old Sebastian Echeverri used three different DraftKings accounts to take part in online blackjack games in which he was preparing the decks of playing cards and manipulating their order.

Echeverri was working for Evolution, which supplies live online casino titles to FanDuel and DraftKings. The Statewide Organized Crime Investigative Task Force began an investigation into the potential cheating began in January after hearing from the Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division about a possible scam.

won at least $47,000 across his multiple online gambling accounts

Echeverri was found to have exploited his position as a blackjack shuffler in at least 26 games. He won at least $47,000 across his multiple online gambling accounts.

One of the DraftKings accounts Echeverri used had been flagged last year over suspicious gaming activity. This led to investigators discovering that the account had been accessed through a device that Echeverri also used to log into the Evolution employee portal.

Echeverri admitted that he tampered with cards during games and placed online bets. He turned himself in on Wednesday, receiving cheating and larceny charges. He was released with a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 20.

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