Poker Pro Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates Considers Taking up Online Slot Streaming

  • Jungleman has polled his Twitter followers to find out if they are in favor of him streaming slots
  • Around 48% of respondents said it would not be okay for Cates to stream that kind of content
  • Comment responses were mixed, with @burnsandturns affirming: “Anything jungle do I watch”
Daniel Cates
American professional poker player Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates is mulling taking up slot streaming.

It’s fair to say Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates has made a name for himself in the poker space. The American pro has not only earned more than $12m in live cashes, but done so while donning outlandish outfits and expressing the wild personality that his moniker suggests. But could he now turn to the world of slots?

While he has given no inclination that he intends to step down from the live poker circuit, Jungleman has now suggested that he wants to dabble in the world of online slot streaming. Cates took to Twitter on Tuesday to ask his followers whether they would agree with him promoting and playing slots on stream:

If Jungleman takes the prevailing opinion into account then we may not see him streaming slots anytime soon. At the time of writing, around 48% of the 715 voters have indicated that it would not be okay for Cates to stream such content. Around 34% said it was 100% okay, while 8% voted it could be done through a charity, and 11% said it could be done seldomly.

In the comments, the responses were also mixed. @GingePoker said: “I think if you’re doing it because you genuinely enjoy it go for it. But if it’s for direct or indirect promotion I wouldn’t do it.” Meanwhile, @burnsandturns showed his support, affirming: “Anything jungle do I watch.”

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