NBA Star Bradley Beal Under Police Investigation After Confrontation With Fan Over Lost Sports Bet

  • Beal was returning to the visitors’ locker room when fans confronted him
  • One of the fans said that Beal had cost him a $1,300 bet
  • Beal allegedly made contact with one of the fans when swatting off a hat
Bradley Beal
NBA star Bradley Beal is under investigation by police after a confrontation with a fan about a lost sports bet. [Image: / All-Pro Reels]

Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal is currently under investigation by police following a recent post-game incident. The 29-year-old was returning to the visitors’ locker room last Tuesday after losing to the Orlando Magic when he was confronted by a group of fans.

An Orlando Police Department case report says that one of the fans shouted at Beal, blaming him for a lost sports bet. The fan allegedly said: “You made me lose $1,300, you f—.”

Bradley Beal is a three-time NBA All-Star who has played for the Washington Wizards since being drafted in 2012.

Beal reacted by walking up to the group of people and knocking the hat off one of their heads, allegedly making contact with the person. He reportedly said “I don’t give a f*** about none of your bets or your parlays, bro. That ain’t why I play the game.” The two parties then got into an argument after the fan said that he didn’t make the comment about the bet.

Police are now investigating Beal for battery and the alleged victim reportedly wishes to press charges. The authorities received a cell phone video of the incident, but no footage of the altercation was caught by Amway Center surveillance cameras.

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