Crown Resorts Looking Into Possible Global Data Breach

  • A hacker group contacted the casino company, claiming it had access to corporate files
  • It appears that the hackers accessed the files through a third-party file transfer service
  • Crown Resorts stated that no customer data has been exposed
Masked hacker
Crown Resorts is investigating a potential data breach by a hacker group, though the company says no customer information was compromised. [Image:]

Crown Resorts is currently investigating a possible global data breach after a group contacted the Australia-based casino company claiming that it had company files in its possession. The ransomware organization said that it gained access to the data through the GoAnywhere third-party file transfer service.

confirmed that customer data has not been exposed

A Crown Resorts spokesperson had confirmed that customer data has not been exposed and the possible breach does not impact operations. The company has notified the relevant gaming regulators about the issue and is cooperating with law enforcement on the matter.

A US cybersecurity firm had previously noticed suspicious activity at GoAnywhere. It appears that numerous companies and government institutions across the world that use GoAnywhere have been victims of cybersecurity incidents in recent weeks, including the City of Toronto and luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue.

In a ransomware attack, hackers demand money from the victim in return for giving back control of compromised data, files, or systems.

Crown Resorts is the latest major Australian business to be impacted by a cyberattack. In October 2022, private health insurance provider Medibank was the victim of a significant hack in which the details of nearly ten million former and current customers were leaked. The hackers demanded a US$10m ransom.

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