Poker Pro Elvis Toomas Calls Out Fellow Player Thu Nguyen for Scamming

  • Toomas took to Twitter to fire his accusations at Nguyen, deeming him a “blacklister/scammer”
  • The American player claims he backed Nguyen in Feb 2022 and lent him $9,000 to buy a car
  • Nguyen has supposedly failed to repay that debt despite cashing in several tournaments
Cash and poker chips
Poker pro Thu Nguyen stands accused of scamming his fellow American player Elvis Toomas out of cash. [Image:]

Elvis Toomas, an American poker player with $559,666 in live earnings, has called out his fellow pro Thu Nguyen for “scamming” him out of thousands of dollars.

Toomas took to Twitter this week to publicize the accusations. He labeled Nguyen, an American pro with $1.5m+ in live earnings according to The Hendon Mob, a “blacklister/scammer.” He detailed the situation in a lengthy thread, confirming it stemmed from when he agreed to “fully back” Nguyen in February 2022:

According to the claims, Toomas lent Nguyen $9,000 at the time so he could buy a car. Both players agreed that he would repay the loan within three months. Toomas said he stopped backing Nguyen after finding out he was entering tournaments he hadn’t put him in and was “possibly selling action.”

Toomas claims Nguyen cashed in several tournaments

More than one year later and Nguyen has supposedly only paid back $500 of his $9,000 personal loan despite many attempts to collect the money. Not only that, Toomas claims Nguyen cashed in several tournaments in that period. He noted particularly an MGM event in which he made $16,975, the World Series of Poker Main Event where he made close to $60,000, and a third-place finish at the Venetian this week which sealed him $19,000.

Despite reaching out to Nguyen after each win, Toomas says his attempts to collect his debt have been ignored. “He is just another reason I do not back/buy action anymore today,” Toomas said. “Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

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