Facebook Gaming Seemingly No Longer Accepting Partnership Applications

  • Facebook Gaming has not officially confirmed that it is no longer accepting partners
  • Viewership fell drastically last year; Facebook Gaming got rid of the standalone app in October
  • The live streaming space is very competitive, with Twitch, YouTube, and Kick being big rivals
Facebook gaming logo
It appears that content creators can no longer apply for partnership with Facebook Gaming. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Facebook Gaming appears to no longer be allowing content creators to apply for a partnership. Some of the benefits of the partnership program include access to exclusive streaming features and additional monetization tools. Popular streamer “RawMontana” posted about the matter on Twitter:

While Facebook Gaming has not confirmed that it is no longer accepting partners, many people believe that the Meta-owned company is moving away from investing in the streaming product.

Viewership fell drastically in 2022, with the number of hours people spent viewing streams more than halving year-on-year. Many creators have left the offering in recent months, particularly after the Facebook Gaming app shut down in October 2022. People can still access gaming content through the main Facebook app.

Facebook Gaming launched in 2018 with the hopes that it could leverage the social media platform’s huge audience.

The emergence of Kick as a new player in the space doesn’t help, with a lot of popular gambling streamers moving over from Twitch. YouTube also has strong viewership numbers. Microsoft was in the sector for a while, before deciding to close Mixer in July 2020.

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