Ex-Wrestler Lance Storm Slams Idea of Betting on WWE Matches

  • Storm said the idea would destroy the creative process of WWE
  • Regulators in Michigan and Colorado are mulling the idea of WWE betting
  • WWE was put up for sale and is meeting with interested buyers soon
WWE match
Former professional wrestler Lance Storm said that betting on WWE matches would destroy the creative process. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Lance Storm rebukes WWE betting

Ex-professional wrestler Lance Storm believes that states will be making a grave mistake if they allow bettors to wager on the outcome of WWE matches.

“It would destroy the creative process,” Storm said in part of a response to a tweet that said WWE’s creative team would not know the outcome of matches until they happened. “You’d have to go back to a single Booker who everyone trusts and will keep his mouth shut.”

WWE recently contacted regulators in Michigan and Colorado to discuss the possibility of legalizing betting on matches, which have scripted outcomes. In other words, bettors would be predicting outcomes of events that are already known by several parties.

The wrestling company plans to retain the services of a renowned accounting firm that helps tabulate and seal results in prominent award shows such as The Academy Awards. They believe that if they can properly lock down the results, WWE will become no different than these shows that people can legally bet on in some states, even though the results are already determined.

combatants would likely not know the result of their upcoming bout until hours before the match

That plan, if agreed upon, will send wrestlers into the dark. Since they would have the potential to leak results, combatants would likely not know the result of their upcoming bout until hours before the match.

WWE was put up for sale with the help of recently-reinstated executive chairman Vince McMahon. It will meet with potential buyers for first-round bids over the next month.

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