GTA 6: Which Celebrities Might Be Featured, Per Sportsbooks

  • 50 Cent sparked controversy with social media posts that he may be involved in GTA 6
  • 50 and ex-G-Unit bandmate Eminem have the best odds of appearing in the game
  • Kim Kardashian, Drake, and Jake Paul are all on Bovada’s odds board
  • Grand Theft Auto V is the second-highest selling video game ever
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Sportsbooks are providing betting odds on which celebrities might appear in Grand Theft Auto 6. [Image:]

GTA 6: Cast of celebrities?

Following 50 Cent’s cryptic post, sportsbooks have provided betting odds on celebrities that could be featured in Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).

this s— bigger than POWER”

In a since-deleted tweet and Instagram post, 50 Cent shared an image containing the words “Vice City,” a location in the GTA franchise. He also said that “this s— bigger than POWER [a television drama series for which he was executive producer] trust me. BOOM.” 

With it appearing that 50 Cent is involved in developer Rockstar Games’ upcoming title, Bovada has published betting odds on others that could potentially make appearances in the game. Jake Paul, Kim Kardashian, and Drake are among the top contenders.

Who could make the release?

Grand Theft Auto V, released in 2013, is the second-highest-selling video game of all time behind only Minecraft. With over 175,000,000 copies sold, the amount of entertainment—and profit—that has come from the virtual world is nothing short of astonishing.

stand to gain a lot both financially and in respect to visibility

Comedians Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais and singer Phil Collins were previously featured in the GTA series, though not in GTA V. Any celeb that makes it into the game would stand to gain a lot both financially and in respect to visibility.

50 Cent is the odds-on favorite to make it to the game’s release at +250. That makes sense, given that he all but confirmed his involvement with his social media tease.

Eminem has the next-best odds of featuring in GTA 6 at +500. Em, real name Marshall Mathers, does not make a ton of public appearances nowadays, but did perform in the Super Bowl LVI halftime show in February 2022.

DJ Khaled, Drake, and Jake and Logan Paul are all listed at +2000 odds. Both Pauls have a background in fighting, whether it be professional boxing or wrestling, which is a prevalent theme in the GTA series. DJ Khaled and Drake are two international megastars from the music industry whose online appeal makes them attractive as potential game add-ons.

Star-studded games

Those with lesser chances of being involved in GTA 6, per the betting odds, are internet sensation Hasbulla, divorced duo Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and former US President Donald Trump. 

In 2004, developer Electronic Arts released Def Jam: Fight for NY, a hip-hop-based fighting game that featured artists at music label Def Jam such as Ludacris, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, and others. In 2009, 50 Cent released the sequel to his 50 Cent: Bulletproof (inspired by his album “Bulletproof” after he survived being shot nine times), called 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, in which players had to leave a G-Unit concert in the Middle East to retrieve a stolen diamond-encrusted skull.

Celebrities, especially musicians, have not appeared in many non-music-based video games since, although UK rapper Stormzy was featured in the 2020 game Watch Dogs: Legion.

close to starring in a GTA movie after the success of GTA III in 2001

Eminem, a former groupmate with 50 Cent in rap assembly G-Unit, was close to starring in a GTA movie after the success of GTA III in 2001. Rockstar reportedly turned down the opportunity to create the movie with Top Gun director Tony Scott in 2002. Em ended up filming 8 Mile during that time.

Even if the celebrities do not make direct appearances in the game, Rockstar has a history of creating characters based on others’ likenesses. So, it still may be possible to run into Conor McGregor, Kylie Jenner, or Arnold Schwarzenegger on the GTA streets—just not in name.

The GTA 6 release date is still unknown. There are rumors that it will come out in 2024, but the series has a long history of delays and unmet expectations when it comes to holding a timeline.

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