William Hill and Caesars Betting Apps Still Down in Nevada After Super Bowl Outage

  • The betting apps went down during the Super Bowl due to a technical issue
  • Work is ongoing to restore the mobile betting platforms in Nevada
  • Customers took to Twitter to express their frustrations
Keyboard keys labeled "System" and "Outage"
The Caesars Sportsbook and William Hill sports betting apps in Nevada are still down following an outage during the Super Bowl. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Both the William Hill and Caesars Sportsbook betting apps are still down in Nevada after an initial outage during the Super Bowl. Caesars Entertainment told local media on Tuesday morning that the tech team is working hard to get the two apps back up and running.

The statement explained that a technical issue during the second quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl led to the company’s retail and mobile sportsbooks in Nevada going offline. The retail sportsbooks were soon back up and running.

this has taken longer than we had hoped or expected”

The team has identified the problem and is working on a resolution. Caesars apologized to customers for the inconvenience and said that “as can occur when dealing with a complex, real-time data system, this has taken longer than we had hoped or expected.”

Caesars Entertainment owns the William Hill brand in the US. The Caesars Sportsbook in Nevada uses the William Hill sportsbook technology platform, which is different technology than what Caesars uses in other states. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is aware of the issue and some of its agents are investigating the matter.

Many angry bettors replied to a tweet from William Hill about the outages:

It was bad timing for the betting apps to go down, as the Super Bowl is the most popular annual sports betting event in the US. At one point over the weekend, FanDuel was accepting 50,000 Super Bowl bets per second.

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