These Super Bowl Prop Bets are too Funny Not to Bet on

  • Over $16bn is expected to be wagered on the Super Bowl this year
  • The biggest niche market is the color of Gatorade used to douse the winning coach
  • Some sportsbooks have a prop bet on who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first
  • There is even a line on whether or not haltime performer Rihanna will show cleavage
Instead of looking at the usual markets, check out these weird and wonderful Super Bowl LVII prop bets. [Image:]

Off-brand Super Bowl prop bets

The wild, the weird, the wonderful, or maybe a little bit of all – whatever it is, there are many “interesting” Super Bowl LVII prop bets on sportsbooks. 

over $16bn will be wagered on the big game

The Super Bowl is known as the biggest event in American sports betting. The American Gaming Association believes that over $16bn will be wagered on the big game this year, with many first-time bettors jumping in on the action.

While bettors can find spread, moneylines, and totals nearly anywhere they look, they should also be on the lookout for these quirky bets that have stolen a place in our hearts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Gatorade shower color

Gatorade. A refreshing beverage that can quench thirst on a hot summer day and replenish even the best athletes in the world. 

Since 2001, orange Gatorade has been used the most times

For years, it has also been a prop bet for Super Bowl bettors. Gamblers can predict what color Gatorade will be used to douse the winning head coach at the end of the Super Bowl if the players don’t forget. Since 2001, orange Gatorade has been used the most times (five), but blue has been used four times since 2015.

Red has not been the color of choice once since 2001, and purple Gatorade has only been used twice.

Notably, yellow Gatorade was used to dunk Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid after their Super Bowl LIV win, former Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson after both their 2017 NFC Championship and Super Bowl victories, and current Eagles coach Nick Sirianni after their NFC Championship win in January 2023. According to BetMGM, yellow (or green) is the second favorite this weekend at +350, behind orange at +250.

Four times since 2001 has a team not given its coach a celebratory bath in Gatorade. A full list of color options can be found on sportsbooks.

Coin toss

Flipping a coin is a 50-50, right? After all, there are only two sides, each with equal probability.

Wrong. Flipping a coin is more like a 51-49, and contrary to popular lore, it is unrelated to the weight of one side of the coin being heavier than the other. Simply put, whichever side of the coin starts “up” has a marginally better chance of being the side that turns up after a flip because it spent more time in the “up” position.

heads and tails are split at an even ten apiece over the last 20 title games

There are obviously only two outcomes gamblers can bet on: heads or tails. Heads has won the toss in four of the last five Super Bowls, but heads and tails are split at an even ten apiece over the last 20 title games. Naturally, BetMGM has both results at equal odds: -105.

There’s expected to be a slight wind around kickoff in Glendale, Arizona, where the game is being played. Perhaps the teams can enroll the help of meteorologists to give them a leg up on the big decision. 

Thank you, thank you

Every young athlete is told to win with humility and grace. PE teachers around the country can rejoice as there is a special market dedicated purely to manners and sportsmanship.

Depending on the sportsbook, bettors can actually predict who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first: friends and family, teammates, owner, coach, God, or nobody at all. 

We don’t have any historical trends for this bet, unfortunately. All we know is that the Super Bowl MVP frontrunners are quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, and both are fairly humble gentlemen. 

+320 odds could be the steal of the century

Mahomes also said “I want to thank God” after winning the AFC Championship Game on a bum ankle, and Hurts said “God Is everything and he’s worthy of praise” in a September interview. Praising God before anyone else at +320 odds could be the steal of the century.

Hide your children’s eyes

Without a doubt, the most scandalous prop of the weekend is whether Super Bowl halftime show performer Rihanna will show cleavage. She is known for her beauty and adventurous fashion style, and she even has her own makeup and clothing products. 

Super Bowl performers have not hesitated to cash this prop before, although the last three female performers (Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Mary J. Blige) wore fashionable, but reserved tops. 

Lots of Rihanna’s music catalog involves risqué content, but that does not mean that she is a lock to break the recent trend. BetOnline has her “busting out” as the strong favorite, though, at -300 odds.

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