Bettors Lump on 37-34 Super Bowl Scoreline After Seeing Supposed ‘Script’

  • A tweet showed an image of the final result of the Super Bowl as 37-34 to the Eagles
  • BetMGM has received a significant number of bets on the scoreline as a result
  • The odds have dropped from +25000 to +8000 due to the high quantity of bets
  • Recent poor officiating led some NFL fans to claim certain games were rigged
Super Bowl LVII
BetMGM bettors have lumped on a specific Super Bowl scoreline after seeing a supposed ‘script’ for the game on Twitter.

Script revealed

A number of bettors who believe they have insider information have wagered on the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. Not only that, they have specifically picked a 37-34 scoreline because of a tweet which supposedly revealed the ‘script’ for the February 12 game.

Nah someone just leaked the Super Bowl script”

A tweet from a now-suspended account featured the caption: “Nah someone just leaked the Super Bowl script.” Attached to that tweet was an image showing the Eagles coming out on top in Sunday’s championship game with a 37-34 score line.

The tweet had more than 12 million views by the time Twitter suspended the account.

Betting patterns

A 37-34 result is the most bet-upon Super Bowl LVII scoreline at the BetMGM Sportsbook, with the odds of this wager dropping from +25000 to +8000 due to all the action.

BetMGM data analyst John Ewing shared the pattern along with the image that seems to have started the betting frenzy:

The sportsbook has reportedly taken five times more bets on this correct score than any other. It is also currently the operator’s fourth-most-popular prop bet for the game.

Conspiracy theorists

After some poor officiating in the recent AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals, many Bengals fans claimed the NFL had rigged the outcome to ensure that the Chiefs won. This conspiracy theory got plenty of air time across social media.

Speaking on the Barstool Sports-sponsored podcast “Macrodosing,” retired running back Arian Foster sarcastically mocked the recent outcry by claiming the league does in fact have scripts that determine how the season will play out.

It is not the first time either that bettors have jumped on seemingly bizarre indicators of the final score line of a Super Bowl. Just last year, many bet on a Bengals victory with an exact score of 34-31 after seeing an edited screenshot from The Simpsons television show. The game ultimately ended with the LA Rams winning 23-20.

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