Lawmakers to Discuss Atlantic City Smoking Ban Bill Soon

  • A senate commission will hold a public hearing on S-264 on February 13
  • The hearing will allow legislators to discuss the bill, but they won’t vote on it
  • While casino workers want the smoking ban, their employers fear losing business
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Atlantic City casino workers are getting closer to a smoke-free workplace after state lawmakers announced they plan to discuss New Jersey’s no-smoking bill at a public hearing in February. [Image:]

Gaming employees who protested against a law allowing smoking in Atlantic City casinos back in 2022 have finally seen some traction. New Jersey lawmakers have announced that they plan to discuss no-smoking bill S-264 later this month.

would end smoking in the New Jersey’s nine casinos

New Jersey’s Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee has announced it will hold a public hearing in Trenton on February 13. They will use the hearing to discuss the legislation that would end smoking in the New Jersey’s nine casinos.

According to Senator Joseph Vitale — one of S-264’s sponsors and chairman of the committee heading discussions later this month — the aim of the public hearing is to promote “a thorough discussion with the committee on how this bill will affect casino employees, customers and the gaming industry.”

Many NJ casino workers have backed the ban for years on health grounds, while some casino owners fear a smoking ban will cost the industry dear. Vitale said the lawmakers do not intend to vote on the bill at the hearing.

CEO and president of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Cynthia Hallett deemed the public hearing “a historic moment.”

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