Twitter Users Deem Adelstein ‘Worst Person in Poker’ and ‘Loser’ as Lew Investigation Reveals No Sign of Cheating

  • Lew first caused a stir by calling Adelstein’s three-bet all in shove on the turn with just a J-high
  • An investigation has found “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing” in the Hustler Casino hand
  • Some Twitter users have once again taken aim at Adelstein for his handling of the situation
  • One deemed him “the worst person in poker” for failing to acknowledge the probe findings
  • The probe involved interviews and inspection of equipment, including the shuffle machine
Adelstein and Lew
Some Twitter users have blasted high-stakes poker pro Garrett Adelstein (left) after an investigation into the cheating scandal involving Robbi Jade Lew (right) revealed no sign of wrongdoing. [Image: Hustler Casino Live]

The end of the scandal?

The Robbi Jade Lew cheating scandal has rocked the world of poker this year, causing countless Twitter feuds and coaxing the armchair detectives out of the shadows. Now, it seems the situation may have finally reached a conclusion, prompting social media to have its say once more.

Lew won a pot of $269,000 by calling high-stakes poker legend Garrett Adelstein’s three-bet all in shove on the turn with just a J-high in a Hustler Casino Live stream. After first securing a full refund from Lew, Adelstein very publicly accused her of various forms of cheating, all of which she denied.

no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing”

On Wednesday, the production company behind Hustler Casino Live confirmed that it completed a “detailed investigation” into the September 29 hand. It found “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing” in that hand or any other that night.

Now that the investigation has uncovered… well, nothing, some Twitter users have taken the opportunity to call out Adelstein for his handling of the situation.

Twitter takes aim

Adelstein, who retrieved his $135,000 from Lew after the hand, was so adamant of her wrongdoing at the time that he released a detailed cheating accusation on social media. He also completed an interview with the LA Times in which he described the moment he was “very likely cheated” by Lew.

After announcing the end of its investigation on Wednesday, Hustler Casino Live took to Twitter to confirm it “is open” to having Adelstein back on its poker stream. GMan responded in kind, asserting that he would be open to playing on Hustler:

However, some Twitter users aren’t quite as forgiving of Adelstein’s hasty accusations. A user called pauls551 has taken aim at Adelstein for failing to acknowledge the result of the investigation. The account user deemed GMan the “worst person in poker in 2022,” also noting that he took Lew’s money because he was so confident of her guilt in September:

In a similar vein, others have questioned whether Lew will now get Adelstein’s $135,000 returned to her, while @acechhh had another damning take on the real meaning behind the investigation’s conclusion:

Details of the probe

High Stakes Poker Productions revealed the method and the findings of its investigation in an official press release on Wednesday. The probe involved interviews with Lew, other players, and the show’s owners and employees. Investigators also reviewed “dozens of hours of video” from Hustler Casino Live and inspected equipment such as the playing cards and poker table.

no evidence of tampering, remote access, viruses, rogue hardware installed”

Among the key findings, investigators found no issues with the shuffling machine and deemed it “extremely unlikely” that anyone could have stored a card-reading device anywhere or used technology to intercept card signals. There was “no evidence of tampering, remote access, viruses, rogue hardware installed, or previously installed programs on the machines,” the report concluded.

Despite finding no actual evidence of wrongdoing in the hand, the investigation did conclude that “cheating with the September 29 setup was possible.” Investigators said that anyone in the production room could have seen card information “just by turning their head.” The show has made security enhancements to prevent this in the future.

Accusations that Lew worked with a Hustler employee reached fever pitch when a review of the footage revealed that a production team member took $15,000 worth of chips from her stack during the stream in September. Lew has repeatedly denied that she gave the chips to Bryan Sagbigsal, who continues to evade arrest for theft.

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