PokerStars Axes True Geordie Over Islamophobic Rant at Andrew Tate

  • PokerStars and Gymshark have axed Davis’ contracts for Islamophobic comments
  • Davis made the comments on a live show responding to whether he’d fight rival Tate
  • In response, Tate blasted Davis as “very insulting, fat, vulgar, he’s a d**khead”
  • Boxer Tyson Fury also laid into Davis recently after he questioned his next opponent
True Geordie
PokerStars has cancelled True Geordie’s contract after the YouTuber made Islamophobic comments about ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate. [Image: True Geordie YouTube]

Talked himself out of a contract

UK-based YouTuber True Geordie (real name Brian Davis) has talked himself out of a contract with PokerStars by making Islamophobic comments about ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate.

attitudes that don’t align with our inclusive values”

PokerStars reacted on Wednesday, saying it did “not tolerate any comments or attitudes that don’t align with our inclusive values.” The Flutter Entertainment-owned brand took to Twitter the same day to state PokerStars had ended Davis’ contract:

On a podcast that went out Sunday, Davis said Tate should “blow himself up” as proof of his devotion to Islam, a religion the ex-fighter has recently converted to.

Sports apparel brand Gymshark earlier also nixed its own contract with True Geordie for his comments about Tate. The British brand said it did “not condone racism, discrimination or Islamophobia in any form.”

Fighting talk bites Davis back

PokerStars first signed Davis up as a brand ambassador in December 2020 as part of a rebrand, leading to a popular live show called ‘The Showdown.’ In the regular feature, the YouTuber played poker with friends and other players.

Back then, Davis said becoming part of PokerStars was “a really proud moment.” He added that he wanted to “show just how entertaining, fun, and mentally challenging poker can be.”

Tate recently came into the firing line of True Geordie after the ex-kickboxer claimed he would fight both Davis and KSI in a boxing match. Cue some macho posturing until it all came to a head in Davis’ Sunday podcast. When the subject of the potential fight arose, Davis’ co-host warned that Tate now has “God on his side,” regarding his recent change in faith. Davis then urged Tate to “blow himself up.”

Tate was quick to hit out at Davis in response to the comment, calling him “very insulting, fat, vulgar, he’s a d**khead, and […] He’s not very smart, he’s stupid.” He added: “Making f**king racist comments about an entire religion as if that’s somehow funny.”

Making friends everywhere

Davis has since released a YouTube video apology regarding his outburst, saying: “Obviously, I don’t believe that’s what Muslims actually do… It was a very stupid thing to say. It was an idiotic joke – one I’m sorry for.”

Davis is also not on Tyson Fury’s Christmas card list

If becoming a target of ire for an entire religious group and losing two of your contracts isn’t bad enough, Davis is also not on Tyson Fury’s Christmas card list either. As this Twitter video reveals, he recently got into a spat with the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World:

The angry outburst came after Davis questioned the quality of Derek Chisora as an opponent. Fury is due to do battle with UK boxer Chisora in December.

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