Poker Pro Shaun Deeb Runs Huge Pool for $1.9bn Jackpot in Delayed Powerball

  • Shaun Deeb revealed his Powerball pool had closed at $100,000 in ticket buys
  • The Deebs said they were printing $12,000 worth of Powerball tickets per hour
  • The pool has a 6500/1 chance of winning the jackpot, according to the poker pro
  • A snag in California has delayed Monday night’s hugely anticipated draw
Powerball tickets
A delay in the Monday night Powerball draw means poker star Shaun Deeb must wait to see if his huge pool manages to win the $1.9bn jackpot. [Image:]

A record jackpot

A delay in the draw for the record $1.9bn Powerball jackpot has only heightened the tension for ticket holders. This is especially true for five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Shaun Deeb, who is helping to run a sizable Powerball pool with a long list of contributors.

$100,000 in Powerball ticket purchases

Deeb’s wife Ashley Deeb has taken control of the organization of the pool which has bought up 50,000 ticket combinations. On Monday, Shaun revealed via Twitter the pool closed at $100,000 in Powerball ticket purchases:

Those who have joined Shaun’s pool paid a minimum of $525 each for the privilege, with $25 of that going to Ashley for administrative fees. However, just as anticipation for the record draw was working up to fever pitch, the California Lottery announced a delay to the the Monday night draw due to ongoing security procedures.

Powerball fever

The latest Powerball jackpot has caught the imagination of millions of Americans. Across the US, crowds have swarmed their local outlets to purchase tickets hoping to land the staggering jackpot, which is the largest in the history of the world.

printing $12k worth of tix per hour!”

Every Powerball ticket sells for $2 and players can buy an unlimited amount. Due to the substantial interest in their pool, the Deebs had to get busy “printing $12k worth of tix per hour!” Shaun posted a video of the ticket stacks via Twitter:

The odds to win the Powerball with a single ticket stand at around 292 million/1, according to the official site. Shaun took to Twitter again later on Monday to share how those odds had improved drastically for his pool members:

A jackpot winning Powerball ticket is one that correctly predicts all five numbers drawn. With around 292 million number combinations available, estimations are it would cost just under $600m to buy up every combination to secure a win.

Watching the clock

The Deebs and millions across America are now counting down the hours for the Powerball draw to finally get underway.

the California Lottery needed additional time

The initial reason why California held up the whole of the US was, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, because the California Lottery needed additional time to process sales.

The California Lottery has since announced that another state is now holding up the process. There is still no confirmed time for when the draw will take place:

If no winner is found on Monday, the jackpot for Wednesday’s Powerball draw would top $2bn.

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