Sports Betting Analytics App ‘Juice Reel’ Quickly Changing the Market

  • Bets can be tracked in real time with an abundance of data
  • Users can see where the public and the best and worst gamblers are betting
  • The app has a record of 140-71 with picks made on a daily Instagram show
  • The app launched less than a year ago and has over 1,700 daily users
Juice Reel logo
A new sports betting app called “Juice Reel” is offering unique analytics not found on other top sites. [Image: Juice Reel via Apple App Store]

Unique offerings

An app called “Juice Reel” is making waves in the sports betting industry with its revolutionary approach to placing wagers.

bets can be tracked in real-time, while users also gain access to crowdsourced insights

The app helps track, aggregate, and analyze betting lines, simplifying the entire process. Bets can be tracked in real-time, while users also gain access to crowdsourced insights, which give information on historical winners and losers.

Many of the features on Juice Reel are unique to the app and cannot be found on other sites. As a result, the program is quickly picking up steam and could lead to greater developments.

Supporting sports betting

Juice Reel’s software is compatible with over 250 sportsbooks, including giants like FanDuel and DraftKings. The app tracks all of the bets on various lines and presents them in an organized manner, allowing users to see which way the public is leaning, which lines are the most favorable, and where the greatest chance of profit lies. 

The app also shows which side the best-performing users are taking in individual matchups. Similarly, it tracks where the worst-performing bettors are going with their picks. Although this is not inherently a key statistic, it is another unique insight available.

every user across the platform benefits from this technology, not just the people at the top”

“This app is one-of-a-kind in that not only does it compile information that you can only find separately across various betting apps, but it also serves as a community builder,” said Ricky Gold, founder and CEO of Juice Reel. “Every user across the platform benefits from this technology, not just the people at the top, which is something I’m truly proud of given that it has never existed before in the sports betting world.”

Gold’s brainchild has also quickly quieted skeptics with its accuracy. On a daily Instagram show called “The Daily Juice,” the app spits out the best picks for upcoming events— it has a record of 140-71 and recently went on a 16-bet winning streak. That means that the app, at least in that sample, correctly predicts outcomes over 66% of the time, significantly higher than the average breakeven mark of 52.4%.

A quick launch

Gold, 29, launched Juice Reel in September 2021, and it has already been downloaded over 20,000 times. After spending time with Google, EY, and Accenture as a tech and data specialist, he noticed a void in the market, which led to the creation of Juice Reel.

The app has taken off since securing investment and support from investment company Cypress Ascendant in 2022. Now, there are over 1,700 active daily users. 

the app has tracked over $300m in betting handle

According to a report written by Juice Reel and released by Truist Securities, the app has tracked over $300m in betting handle from its users. The company is also growing quickly due to its diversity in analytics tools not found at other preeminent destinations.

In a time where American gambling is skyrocketing, as noted by the American Gaming Association in a recent survey, programs like Juice Reel could become key in the market. 

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