Twitter Reacts as Three Station Casinos Set to Be Demolished, Land Sold

  • Kreeger said the three Station casinos were the worst performing, even pre-COVID
  • Twitter user katie spoke of “a lot of good childhood memories” at Fiesta, Texas Station
  • Nevada business owner Melissa Hudson wants to buy “locals favorite” Fiesta Henderson
  • Red Rock is looking at developing another large-scale casino resort in North Las Vegas


Fiesta Henderson, Nevada
Red Rock Resorts has announced plans to demolish the Fiesta Henderson (pictured) along with two other Station Casinos, and then sell the land on which they stood. [Image:]

Plans to demolish three

Red Rock Resorts has announced that it plans to demolish three of its Station Casinos properties in the Las Vegas area. Judging from the reaction on Twitter, Nevadans aren’t taking the news so well.

will demolish its Henderson property Fiesta Henderson

In a Friday news release, Station’s parent firm said it will demolish its Henderson property Fiesta Henderson, along with its Las Vegas casinos Fiesta Rancho and Texas Station. Vegas-based professional poker player Katrina Kovell took to Twitter to say the news “sucks:”

Red Rock will demolish the properties “to reposition the land for sale,” a company release stated.

President of Station Casinos, Scott Kreeger, said: “It is not without sadness that we announce these permanent closures.” However, he added that it made no financial sense for the properties, shuttered since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, to remain open. “Even before the pandemic, they were our worst-performing properties,” Kreeger said.

Migrations and memories

One of the reasons behind the decision to erase the properties is that, prompted by COVID-19 shutterings, the majority of the three Station Casinos’ “customers migrated to our other facilities,” according to Kreeger. He believes that other properties, both on and off the Las Vegas Strip, captured about 90% of this business.

a sad and nostalgic response

Despite Kreeger’s rationalization, the news that three mainstays of the Nevada landscape are facing demolition has generated a sad and nostalgic response from social media. Twitter user JT, who worked at Texas Station for some time, labeled it “a great casino:”

Twitter user katie, meanwhile, spoke of “a lot of good childhood memories” at Fiesta and Texas Station casinos:

Henderson, Nevada-based Allstate Insurance Agency founder Melissa Hudson was a bit more combative. She took to Twitter to assert that Fiesta Henderson was “a locals favorite” and to tell Station Casinos that she wanted to buy it:

Plans afoot

As Red Rock’s news release said, the erasure of three properties doesn’t mean the casino giant is leaving North Las Vegas or Henderson. Kreeger said his firm would “like to continue to invest in our existing properties within those cities and also to explore new build opportunities in both areas.”

Kreeger also confirmed that Red Rock and the city of North Las Vegas are cooperating on “a potential development site for another large-scale casino resort.” He added that the business also has investment plans regarding the city’s tavern and small non-restricted space.

In early July, Red Rock started work on a new Wildfire casino project in downtown Las Vegas. In February, the brand broke ground on the large-scale $750m Durango Hotel & Casino. Red Rock estimates the latter will take 18-24 months to finish.

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