The Star Sydney Gambler Who Lost AU$950,000 Sues Casino Over Ban

  • The aggrieved plaintiff has accused The Star Sydney of banning her for no reason
  • She was verbally given a single-year ban with no definitive end date in April 2021
  • The plaintiff claims that the ban prevents her from taking up a job at the casino
  • The Star is currently involved in another lawsuit with a former high roller client
The Star Sydney
A gambler who lost AU$950,000 (US$644,437) at The Star Sydney (pictured) is suing the casino, claiming that she was banned for no reason. [Image:]

Seeking justice

A woman who lost AU$950,000 (US$644,437) through her gambling at The Star casino in Sydney is suing the casino after receiving a ban from the property. The Star is seeking to either stay or dismiss the lawsuit, as well as attempting to get the plaintiff to cover its legal costs.

banning her from the property for no reason

Kim Huyen Tran Nguyen, the gambler suing The Star, has accused the casino of canceling her membership and banning her from the property for no reason. Nguyen also claims that the casino made statements to police that were misleading.

Accusations in the lawsuit

In April 2021, The Star gave Nguyen a verbal single-year ban with no definitive end date. The beauty therapist and Sydney native has confirmed that she accepted her ban at the time without any sort of dispute as she was experiencing family issues and the COVID-19 pandemic was in full flow.

stopping her from taking up a position at the casino

However, as repoted by The West Australian, she has since filed a lawsuit in the New South Wales (NSW) Supreme Court to try to lift the ban. She claims that the ban is stopping her from taking up a position at the casino as a travel host.

The plaintiff also claims to have remaining credit worth AU$2,500 (US$1,696) at The Star Sydney that was not refunded. Despite The Star’s efforts to terminate the legal action, Nguyen is standing strong and wants a hearing in which full evidence can be heard.

Regularly in the news

The Star Sydney is no stranger to controversy. It is currently facing extensive inquiries regarding potential money laundering at the property. CCTV footage shown at a royal commission appears to show a junket operator at the casino putting stacks of cash into bags.

The operator is also embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit with a former high roller client. The Star is suing Jingang Hu over AU$12m (US$8.1m) worth of unpaid gambling debts. The Star has accused Hu of withdrawing AU$13.2m (US$9m) in Hong Kong dollars in July 2019 from a cash facility, with the cheque bouncing at a later date.

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