Final Defendant in MGM National Harbor Casino Kidnapping Pleads Guilty

  • The DOJ named Tray David Sherman as the final defendant in the case for the first time
  • Sherman confessed to helping kidnap a man from MGM National Harbor in MD last year
  • Kidnappers stole the victim’s cocaine, $1,500 in casino chips, and around $6,000 in cash
  • If the court accepts Sherman’s plea agreement, he will get eight to 10.5 years in prison
MGM National Harbor
The DOJ has revealed the name of the final defendant in the 2021 Maryland casino kidnapping and robbery case after he entered a guilty plea. [Image:]

Final piece of the puzzle

The final defendant in a 2021 kidnapping and robbery case at Maryland’s MGM National Harbor Resort & Casino has confessed to his role in the crime.

Tray David Sherman pleaded guilty

According to the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland, Tray David Sherman pleaded guilty to the crime on Friday. The office publicized the news of the 27-year-old Washington DC resident’s guilty plea via Twitter on Wednesday:

Along with Sherman, four co-defendants, Darius and Christopher Young, Anthony Erik Hebron, and Lamar Perkins have all been indicted for their role in the crime. It took place in 2021 at the MGM National Harbor, which is just minutes from Washington DC.

In sharing news of Sherman’s guilty plea, the Department of Justice has also revealed his name for the first time. The body previously referred to Sherman only as Co-conspirator 1.

Spilling the beans

As reported in the DOJ press release, Sherman confessed that he and the four other co-defendants “worked together to kidnap a victim” from MGM’s National Harbor casino resort.

According to Sherman’s plea, he and Hebron met the victim at the casino on February 3, 2021. Not knowing he was in danger, the victim got in Sherman’s car along with Hebron to drive to a DC neighborhood with the belief that the two men would get him women and money in return for cocaine.

took his cocaine, cellphone, wallet, $500 watch, and hotel key

After the victim bought cocaine from his supplier, Sherman was supposed to drive him to a location to make an exchange. Instead, he drove to a separate spot where Youngs entered the car. Hebron held a gun on the victim — a firearm he would later use to open a bloody wound on the victim’s forehead — while the conspiracy members took his cocaine, cellphone, wallet, $500 watch, and hotel key.

The two Youngs then took the victim to an apartment room and assaulted him. They threatened to kill him unless he gave up his ATM card, PIN number, and information about items located in his hotel room. Acting on this information, Sherman and Hebron burglarized the man’s hotel room at the MGM resort, stealing $1,500 in casino chips and around $6,000 in cash.

Plea agreement

According to the DOJ, if the court accepts Sherman’s plea agreement, he will receive a prison sentence of no less than eight years but no more than 10.5. US District Judge George J. Hazel has arranged for Sherman’s sentencing on October 12.

If Sherman gets less than ten years, he will do the least time among his kidnapper cronies.

In June, Darius Young received a 13-year prison term, while the DOJ said it expects Hebron to go down for 14 when he appears before the judge in August. Christopher Young and Perkins both got ten years apiece.

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