‘Queen of Lifestyle Sports Betting’ Nicki Minaj Inks Ambassador, Advisor Deal with MaximBet

  • Minaj will be brand ambassador, special advisor on sports betting, iGaming
  • Rapper tweeted: “make way for the Queen of lifestyle sports betting”
  • Multi-year deal also saw Minaj appointed creative director of Maxim magazine
  • Minaj will work with MaximBet on branding, fan engagement, partnerships, and parties
  • MaximBet is live in Colorado and has market access to 11 US states plus Ontario
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is bringing her dynamism and creative genius to MaximBet, after she signed a multi-year, multi-role partnership with the sports betting and iGaming challenger brand. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Multi-role partnership

Superstar rapper Nicki Minaj has inked a multi-role partnership with sports betting and iGaming brand MaximBet.

In a news release Tuesday, MaximBet, part of the Maxim media company owned by New Jersey-based Carousel Group, announced Minaj would be its global brand ambassador and special advisor on sports betting and iGaming. Minaj took to Twitter to share her new venture, saying: “make way for the Queen of lifestyle sports betting.”

The entrepreneur and media sensation was also appointed creative director of Maxim magazine as part of the deal. According to the news release, in inking the multi-layered partnership with the Carousel Group, Minaj “has become the first businesswoman to achieve such a feat.”

MaximBet CEO Daniel Graetzer said Minaj’s role “as a strategic advisor to MaximBet will be invaluable to us.” Graetzer added Minaj would apply the “same savvy and creativity” she used to build her own global brand to [MaximBet’s] lifestyle sports betting brand.

“There is no one better suited to helping us take this form of entertainment mainstream,” the CEO summed up.

Minaj’s X-factor

According to the news release, Minaj will work with MaximBet on branding, fan engagement, partnerships, and parties, which is “all designed to bring together entertainment, sports, celebrity and betting.”

MaximBet is backing Minaj’s star qualities to promote the lifestyle components of the brand and help it reach a broader audience, which includes more women. The rapper expressed her pride in the partnership via a statement.

Minaj said: “Merging business savvy power moves with my natural, creative, sexy, fun, and fashion-forward expression is just so spot on as it relates to this partnership.”

scared money don’t make NO MONEY!!!!”

The Queens native added: “scared money don’t make NO MONEY!!!! […] Place your bets!!!! Let’s GO!!!”

As part of the multi-year partnership, Minaj will be a special advisor to the Maxim board, and be “actively involved” in the firm’s iGaming plans. 

Different type of sportsbook?

Landing Minaj is a statement of intent from MaximBet. Positioning itself as “the only true lifestyle brand in the industry,” MaximBet has taken a bold step to differentiate itself from its competitors. It’s making waves, and making them fast, having only launched tail-end of 2021.

In April of this year MaximBet hogged the headlines after it inked a deal with Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon, a historic first agreement between a gaming company and an active MLB player.

Given MaximBet’s eye for innovation and challenger brand mentality, Minaj’s appointment seems a perfect fit, a creative disruptor whose global influence could attract a new and more affluent sports betting and iGaming market.

While the rookie betting brand states it rewards players with real-life, “money can’t buy” experiences, the only state in which sports bettors can test that statement right now is Colorado, home of MaximBet’s only live sportsbook. The firm’s Tuesday news release said, however, that MaximBet has market access in 11 other US states plus Ontario.

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