Liverpool Fan Left Empty-Handed After Resisting £95,000 Cash Out for Quadruple Bet

  • Liverpool fan Tanya Hanley hoped to pocket £367,200 ($461,944) from her soccer wager
  • It was her first-ever bet, backing Liverpool to win four major trophies at 3,671/1
  • Man City won the EPL in dramatic fashion Sunday, ending Liverpool’s Quadruple hopes
  • Betfair made the bettor aware she could cash out on Sunday for £95,000 ($119,507)
English Premier League trophy
Tanya Hanley ulimtately lost it all after backing Liverpool to win the Quadruple and rejecting a huge cash out offer on Sunday. [Image:]

Hard choice to make

A dream scenario for most bettors, UK-based Liverpool fan Tanya Hanley had the chance to cash out a wager for £95,000 ($119,507) on Sunday. It was her first-ever bet and one that needed Liverpool to win four major trophies at odds of 3,671/1.

chose to place her faith in her beloved reds

With two trophies already in the bag and just the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League to go, Hanley’s bet was looking good. She was left empty-handed, however, after she declined the huge cashout and chose to place her faith in her beloved reds.

As Hanley’s no-doubt relieved sportsbook Betfair shared via Twitter, she ultimately lost it all when Manchester City came back from a 2-0 deficit in their game to win the English Premier League:

Liverpool won 3-1, but the victory wasn’t enough for the team that needed to best Manchester City’s point haul to claim the trophy. Hanley’s dream of pocketing a potential £367,200 ($461,944) had Liverpool won the Quadruple was finally over.

How the bet played out

In the build-up to Sunday’s Premier League showdown, Hanley commented on the £100 ($125.85) bet. “It’s a big amount but I’m not swayed as I believe in them, they’ve come so far,” she said. “It’s the closest anyone has ever been to winning the Quadruple, I really feel like they could do it.”

In the EPL, only Manchester United have won the Treble, which includes the domestic league title, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. No EPL side has ever won the Quadruple. Having already won the domestic league cup, and the FA Cup, Liverpool had to win the EPL and then beat Real Madrid in Sunday’s Champions League Final for Hanley’s wager to come good.

On Sunday, Manchester City had slipped behind to a 0-2 scoreline with only 14 minutes of regulation time left. With Liverpool winning their game against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the reds would have clinched the Premier League title had things remained the same. According to Betfair, the scorelines meant that at 5:34pm GMT, Hanley’s cash-out option stood at close to £100,000 ($125,835).

she knows that she can take the offer if she wishes to.”

The sportsbook said its representatives were “keeping in close contact” with Hanley on Sunday, letting her know of the latest cash-out offer. A spokesperson for Betfair, Sam Rosbottom, said: “She is in total control and she knows that she can take the offer if she wishes to.”

Unfortunately for Hanley, City scored three goals in the space of around six minutes to turn the tie in their favor. Their ultimate 3-2 win over Aston Villa meant they took home the Premier League trophy for the second year in a row.

Not the only betting loser

Hanley isn’t the only bettor to lose big this month. Famed gambler Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale lost $2.6m betting on the Kentucky Derby when +8,000 outsider Rich Strike surprised everyone by claiming victory.

the renowned sports bettor has lost a total of $20.2m

In fact, the Houston-based business owner has lost a large portion of his high-stakes bets this year. Since the turn of 2022, the renowned sports bettor has lost a total of $20.2m, which includes losing wagers on the Super Bowl and the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Meanwhile, Twitch streamer Xposed recently lost $779,897 betting on the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference quarterfinal series.

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