Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn Wager $1m on Taylor-Serrano Fight

  • The bet is on this weekend’s Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano lightweight title boxing match
  • Paul is promoting Serrano; Hearn is promoting Taylor
  • The bet climbed from $10,000 to $1m each in a Thursday press conference
  • Paul said he will give Hearn’s million to Serrano after she wins
  • Serrano heads in as a slight favorite
Taylor Serrano face-off
Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn are wagering $1m each on Saturday’s Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano fight. [Image: Facebook/Madison Square Garden]

Women’s boxing history

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn are wagering $1m each on Saturday’s title fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano.

first female headliner ever at Madison Square Garden

The bout, considered the biggest in women’s boxing history, is the first female headliner ever at Madison Square Garden. It has garnered a horde of attention, and as a result, a “friendly” bet between the two promoters pushing the fight.

Taylor is a multi-time European and world champion, Olympic gold medalist, and the undisputed lightweight champion of the world, while Serrano is a seven-weight world champion, which has been certified as a Guinness World Record.

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn deliver again

Any great boxing fight is only as enticing as its build-up— this is a lesson that has been learned by combatants since fighting became popularized.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather mastered the art of fighting theater, flaunting lavish clothes and exorbitant sums of money while berating their opponents with witty one-liners. Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul have taken note and done their best to build the hype and fill seats.

Hearn is a slick-talking, well-groomed British promoter that has been all over the scene in recent years. He is backing Taylor, an Irish native that enters as a slight underdog.

Paul, on the other hand, is a former internet sensation turned outcast turned fighting enthusiast. He and his brother Logan appeared in professional fights against the likes of Mayweather, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren, among others. Paul is backing Serrano, who is signed to his Most Valuable Promotions. 

Paul’s theatrics have not been everyone’s cup of tea, but they have drawn eyes to the world of combat. He was also the one who first broached the subject of placing a gamble on the event.

I’ve got a bet for you, Eddie.”

“I’ve got a bet for you, Eddie,” Paul said in front of a crowd of reporters at Thursday’s media session.

“I’m not having a tattoo,” Hearn interjected, referencing Paul’s deal with Woodley prior to their rematch.

“I’ll bet you all the jewelry that I’m wearing right now that Amanda wins the fight,” Paul replied, prompting Hearn to say that he was “hoping to bet for a lot more than that.”

“I mean, ten grand’s not a lot,” said Hearn.

The American quickly suggested a $500,000 wager, which Hearn then doubled. The two shook his hands and the bet was cemented. Paul said he would give Hearn’s million to Serrano after she wins.

Breaking down the Taylor-Serrano fight

Taylor and Serrano are the two highest-ranked fighters in the women’s pound-for-pound world boxing rankings. The former occupies the top spot with a 19-0 record, while the latter is just behind at 42-1-1. Taylor has landed six knockouts compared to Serrano’s 30.

the winner will become the undisputed lightweight champion

Early estimates theorized that Taylor was the favorite, though Vegas has since pivoted and made Serrano the odds-on winner. The victor will become the undisputed lightweight champion and top-ranked boxer in the world.

Both participants have been out of the ring since mid-December when they each scored unanimous decision victories. Taylor is the more technically and defensively-sound fighter, while Serrano is a bruiser.

Paul and Hearn’s part in the build-up has helped match the excitement with the fighters’ credentials. Their grandiose bet, presumably prearranged, is just the cherry on top.

Both Hearn and Paul have been invested from the start, but their recent interaction will add an entirely new layer of tension come Saturday night. The main event is expected to get underway around 10:30pm ET, depending on the undercard.

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