Nevada Gaming Regulator to Investigate High Roller’s Allegations Against Resorts World Las Vegas

  • Sattler claims the Resorts World president lied to regulators about their relationship
  • He also alleges one of the property’s restaurants is partially owned by a convicted felon
  • Sattler was banned from the property this year and allegedly used investor cash to gamble
  • Resorts World Las Vegas has denied all of the claims made by Sattler in his deposition
Resorts World Las Vegas
The Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating claims made against Resorts World Las Vegas by a high roller gambler. [Image:]

Numerous allegations

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) is investigating allegations made by a gambler against Resorts World Las Vegas.

Scott Sibella lied about their friendship

According to the allegations by high-roller gambler Brandon Sattler, Resorts World Las Vegas President Scott Sibella lied about their friendship during a recent regulatory meeting. Sattler also claims that one of the property’s restaurants is under the part ownership of convicted felon, David Stroj.

NGCB’s enforcement division deputy chief Kristi Marusich confirmed on Thursday that the agency is investigating the claims made by Sattler in a sworn deposition. The deposition relates to his defense as part of a major bankruptcy fraud litigation case.

If the NGCB investigation results in a formal complaint against Resorts World, this could lead to disciplinary proceedings for both Sibella and Resorts World.

An unclear relationship

The Resorts World Vegas only opened its doors in June, making it the first hotel-casino to open on the Strip in over a decade. Genting Berhad, the owner of the $4.3bn property, brought Sibella on board in 2019 to oversee both the construction and operations. He formerly served as an MGM Resorts International executive for several years.

deceived investors and gambled with their money

Sattler received a ban from Resorts World in January, just a few days before local media reported about his bankruptcy fraud litigation. He allegedly deceived investors and gambled with their money at high roller tables in Las Vegas.

Speaking during a licensing hearing last month about his relationship with Sattler, Sibella had said: “I met the person twice. He’s been a customer for 20 years. I don’t know him from Adam. He’s done no work at Resorts World.” According to Sattler’s claims, however, he was friends with Sibella for at least 20 years. The gambler also made accusations of past drug use by Sibella.

Questions about ownership

In addition to the allegations Sibella lied about their friendship, Sattler has also questioned the ownership of Resorts World restaurant Tacos El Carbon. David Stroj, the man Sattler claims partly owns the venue, has an illegal bookmaking conviction and admitted to laundering money. Previously unannounced links to a convicted felon would certainly result in issues for a licensed gaming resort.

Stroj is currently under investigation by the US Probation Office after allegedly violating the terms of his supervised release. He reportedly gambled without permission.

A Nevada Independent columnist reported about these charges earlier this week. A Resorts World spokesperson emailed a statement to the news agency late on Thursday outlining how it had conducted thorough due diligence and background checks on all tenants, finding nothing untoward.

Resorts World has denied that Stroj has any ownership position in the restaurant and has dismissed allegations against the moral character of Sibella.

Resorts World has stated that Stroj’s father is the restaurant manager. Meanwhile, the convicted felon sent an email to the Independent on Thursday stating that he has no ownership in any of his father’s businesses and that he barely knows Sattler.

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