VSO ICE London Exclusive: Skill-Based Slots Are Our Niche, Says Mancala Gaming Exec

  • Established in just 2019, Mancala Gaming now offers more than 50 online gambling games
  • The firm’s niche is skill-based slots in which the player has control, according to Kadlecova
  • Mancala’s most popular offerings include the Portal Master slot along with Fruit Factory
  • The exec says Mancala is committed to expansion into new markets this year, including Spain
Lucie Svandova Kadlecova
In an exclusive interview with VSO News at ICE London, Mancala Gaming head of marketing Lucie Svandova Kadlecova has explained what her company is all about.

Slicing fruit with Mancala

If you made your way through the hustle and bustle of ICE London last week, you would eventually come across a name perhaps lesser-known in the world of online slot development.

now offers around 35 online slot games

Founded in 2019, Prague-based Mancala Gaming has quickly established itself in the gambling space and now offers around 35 online slot games, including dice and slot offerings. Among the company’s popular products are its Hot Fruits on Fire, Portal Master, and Cherry Bombs slots.

The supplier had a distinctive stand at ICE London 2022, offering passersby the chance to slice up fruit in the digital world through a virtual reality headset. VegasSlotsOnline News paid the stand a visit to speak with Mancala head of marketing Lucie Svandova Kadlecova about the company’s ICE experience and penchant for skill-based gaming.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about Mancala Gaming and your role in the company?

I’m head of marketing for Mancala Gaming. If you haven’t heard of us, we’re an online slot gaming supplier based in Prague in the Czech Republic. Our whole company is based there so that’s where we develop our games and carry out our operations.

Have you done much business at ICE 2022 so far?

We were really surprised at how ICE has turned out after all the complications and postponements beforehand. Our stand has been very busy, probably as a result of the two really interesting games that we have for visitors to play. A lot of potential partners came to visit us on the first and second days. The third has been a little quieter so far, but still great.

What are the main products you’re trying to sell at ICE this year?

We’re pushing our latest slot game releases. This includes our easy fruit-based slot games, which are very popular among players.

It’s not just about pressing the spin button”

Our niche is slots that have the element of skill in them so players can actually influence the outcome of the games. It’s not just about pressing the spin button. They can pick and choose certain things to really affect the game a lot more. We’ve found this is really popular with our players.

Can you give us some details of your top-selling games?

Sure. We have an extensive portfolio of games with different themes so there is something for everyone.

Among the titles I would like to highlight is definitely our Portal Master slot. It’s played on five reels and four rows with a skill element incorporated in the gameplay. Players can actually influence the outcome with their choices and we can see some great traffic toward that game.

Another game to highlight is definitely Fruit Factory. This game has playful graphics, a buy-in feature, and an (in-theory-unlimited) free spins feature with funny animations.

Another really popular group of slots are the true fruit classics, such as Hot Fruits on Fire and Hot Fruits on Ice. Those games are seeing some great numbers too.

I noticed that you have a virtual reality Fruit Ninja game on your stand. Is VR an area you’re looking to move into?

Not for the time being no. That’s support for our fruit games. We don’t make VR slot games just yet because it’s a little bit more difficult. But everyone played Fruit Ninja on their mobile phones and loves it so we’ve incorporated it into our stand. It’s definitely helped increase the interest in our offering.

What’s next for Mancala in 2022? What’s the focus?

We launched in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, so we’re still a very young company, but we’re definitely growing rapidly.

all about new games and new licenses”

For us right now, it’s all about new games and new licenses so that we can access new markets. We’re in 15 to 20 markets currently, the ones that are easier to access. This year, we will be hoping to add Spain and the Czech Republic, and hopefully some locations in the United States.

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