LA Woman Wins $10m on Scratchcard After Accidentally Pressing Wrong Button

  • A person bumped into the gambler, causing her to accidentally buy a $30 scratchcard
  • She went back to her car and scratched the card, discovering she had won the top prize
  • Edwards plans to use the money to buy a house and start a non-profit organization
  • Other bizarre American lottery tales include a woman who trashed a $110,000 ticket
Person playing a scratch card
An LA woman has won $10m after accidentally buying the wrong type of scratchcard. [Image:]

A stroke of luck

A Los Angeles woman has won a life-changing sum of money after accidentally pressing the wrong button on a vending machine when buying lottery tickets.

$10m win from a $30 scratchcard

In a statement released on Wednesday, the California State Lottery revealed some of the startling details of the woman’s $10m win from a $30 scratchcard. It shared the statement via Twitter:

In November, LaQuedra Edwards attempted to purchase her normal lottery tickets at a supermarket in Tarzana, California when a strange occurrence took place. A random person bumped into her, causing Edwards to accidentally select the $30 scratchers ticket rather than her usual.

Commenting on the incident, Edwards said: “He just bumped into me, didn’t say a thing and just walked out the door.”

Total disbelief

At first, Edwards said she was annoyed that she could not follow her plan to purchase numerous smaller-priced games. However, the 41-year-old’s feelings soon changed. After returning to her car, Edwards scratched the card and discovered that she had won the $10m top prize.

had to get off the highway for fear of crashing

Edwards initially struggled to believe that she had actually won the big prize. She told lottery officials that she had to get off the highway for fear of crashing due to her disbelief, checking the ticket over and over again using the California Lottery mobile app.

Following the big win, Edwards plans to use some of the money to purchase a house, as well as create a non-profit organization.

The store in which Edwards bought the ticket received a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning scratcher. The odds of winning the $10m top prize are one in more than three million according to the California State Lottery’s website.

Other bizarre wins

It is not the first curious incident regarding a surprise big-money lottery win. In January, a Michigan woman happened to check the spam folder on her email only to discover that she had managed to win $3m in the lottery.

Even more recently, it was revealed that a Virginia woman accidentally threw away a ticket that had $110,000 in winnings. Thankfully, she soon realized that she had won and managed to retrieve it from the trash.

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