Suspect ID’d in Fatal Stabbing at New York Chinatown Gambling Den

  • Shin Bin Weng is the primary suspect in the fatal stabbing of Qi Rui Weng
  • Surveillance cameras caught the suspect fetching two blades from a nearby supply store
  • A similar attack happened in New York last year, as a man trying to help was killed
  • The suspect is still at large
Police barricade in New York City
New York police have identified the suspect in a fatal stabbing at a Chinatown gambling den. [Image:]

Tragedy strikes Chinatown

The suspect in a fatal stabbing at a New York Chinatown gambling den was identified by police on Wednesday.

Shin Bin Weng, 55, was first announced as a suspect in the death of Qi Rui Weng, 58, who was stabbed with a kitchen knife on Monday in a social club on Division Street near Orchard Street, per the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Police also stated that the two are not related, despite sharing their surnames.

Details from the Chinatown stabbing

The suspect retrieved two kitchen knives from San Jiang Trading— a nearby supply store— before returning to the den through a connecting door, according to sources. 

The victim was later discovered with the larger knife still in his torso

Surveillance cameras revealed the suspect flashing the blade as he walked through the store. The victim was later discovered with the larger knife still in his torso and the smaller one resting by his chair. The incident occurred around 4:30pm ET.

Pictures of the suspect have been released; anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police. Informed persons can also contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

NYC Chinatown stabbing murder suspect Shin Bin Weng

This is not the first time that a victim has died from being stabbed at a New York gambling den. Last year, Yong Zheng, 46, was one of four men stabbed during an armed robbery gone wrong. Zheng was a mere passerby in a group of people who attempted to intervene in the situation. The surviving group members later told police that they decided to act because of the recent attacks on Asian Americans. 

The Good Samaritan ultimately passed from his wounds as six total people were left injured; his widow said through a translator that she “couldn’t believe that he’s gone.”

Gambling issues rising in New York?

New York redefined the gambling scene by setting record totals in January, the state’s first month with legal sports betting operations. The Empire State also redefined what is and is not possible for gambling and has been used as a model of success for other states attempting to push legislation.

recent events in New York could be fuel to the fire for critics of gambling expansion

Many objectors point to the fact that gambling can create addictions and lead to bad habits; the recent events in New York could be fuel to the fire for critics of gambling expansion.

Problem gamblers also have the highest suicide rate of any addiction type, according to studies.

Another 2019 research project revealed that addictive gamblers have a suicide rate 15 times higher than the average person. This number jumped to 19 times for men ages 20-49, per Lund University in Sweden. 

The fatal repercussions could be enough to cause pushback in future attempts at passing gambling legislation.

The suspect in the New York stabbing is still on the loose.

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