Drake Loses $275,000 Betting on Masvidal to Win UFC 272

  • Drake would have won just over $700,000 had Masvidal won the UFC bout
  • After his defeat, Masvidal said dinner is on him next time Drake is in Miami
  • The rapper has bet over $1bn since joining crypto site Stake in December 2021
  • Drake recently announced he would team up with Stake for a live betting event
Rapper Drake has lost $275,000 wagering on Stake after Colby Covington defeated Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 over the weekend. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A win by unanimous decision

It’s rumored that rapper Drake jinxes any athlete or sports franchise he supports, with previous victims including Conor McGregor, Anthony Joshua, and Paris Saint-Germain. Now, that supposed curse may have cost the Canadian star $275,000 after he bet on Jorge Masvidal to beat Colby Covington at UFC 272.

Saturday’s welterweight clash at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena saw Covington take the win with a unanimous decision.

would have bagged the rap artist just over $700,000

ESPN MMA took to Twitter Sunday with a clip of Drake on his laptop with his Stake bet, which would have bagged the rap artist just over $700,000:

According to Insider, Covington brought up Drake’s expensive evening at a post-event press conference. “Let’s talk about how much money Drake lost tonight,” he taunted, adding: “Drake, you suck.”

The small silver lining

Drake suffered a heavy loss backing him, but Masvidal took to Twitter to reveal how he planned to make it up to the 35-year-old rapper:

After the fight, Masvidal was full of criticism regarding his own performance, admitting he “wrestled like s***.” The UFC star added: “That first takedown I gave up, he took my back, he rode me pretty good.”

it’s time to take out the Louisiana swamp trash”

Covington, however, was less magnanimous in victory, saying he “took care of Miami street trash” and that “now it’s time to take out the Louisiana swamp trash,” in reference to MMA star Dustin Poirier.

Drake’s betting escapades

As with his losing UFC bet, Drake — real name Aubrey Drake Graham — has made some eye-watering wagers on online crypto casino and sportsbook Stake.

A Twitter user recently shared details of Drake’s wagering history, revealing the Ontario native had staked over $1bn since joining the Curacao-based gambling site in December 2021, placing a total of 7,498 bets:

Drake’s recent Super Bowl LVI bet via Stake proved a big winner. He placed $1.25m in bitcoin across three Super Bowl bets, with two of them coming good. In total, Drake bagged a profit of at least CA$380,635 (US$298,304).

The rapper’s love of the iGaming and sportsbook brand recently deepened after he announced he would team up with Stake for a live betting event.

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