PayPal Introduces Gambling Transaction Blocking Software

  • The third-party Gamban software is available for US and UK PayPal users
  • Most gambling products like casino games, sports betting, and lottery tickets are covered
  • Gamban can also block transactions to gambling-adjacent services like betting advice websites
  • Problem gambling is a serious concern in the UK and US markets
PayPal icon on a smartphone
PayPal users in the US and UK can now use Gamban software to block gambling-related transactions. [Image:]

Covers most bases

PayPal has introduced online gambling blocking software to its payments platform. Using the Gamban software, US and UK PayPal users can block their own potential gambling-related transactions. The types of gambling transactions that people can block include games of skill and games of chance that carry an entry fee and award prizes.

covers casino games, sports betting, lottery tickets, and person-to-person wagering

It also covers casino games, sports betting, lottery tickets, and person-to-person wagering. This goes for both land-based and online payments. People can also block transactions to other gambling-related services, like platforms that provide gambling advice and tips, betting intermediaries, or forums through which person-to-person betting takes place. The goal behind providing this type of block is to help people to protect themselves from gambling excessively.

Using Gamban’s software

There is no indication as to exactly how much money goes through PayPal to fund gambling-related activity. PayPal began reviewing its various payment rules and controls in 2019 because of concerns that it was contributing to excessive gambling. Problem gamblers had reportedly been taking advantage of a loophole that allowed them to keep gambling through the use of PayPal despite reaching a spending limit on their debit card.

PayPal is the world’s largest online payment system and is commonly offered as a deposit and withdrawal option at online casinos and sportsbooks.

Gamban is a leading gambling software blocking company and is working with PayPal to bring this option to the fore. Speaking about the integration of its software into PayPal, a statement on Gamban’s website said: “PayPal offering its users the option to block gambling transactions is a welcome addition to the gambling recovery toolkit.”

The statement also mentioned other ways that people can protect themselves from excessive gambling, including blocking gambling transactions from one’s bank account, self-exclusion, and seeking help from support organizations.

A major concern

The gambling markets in the UK and the US have been growing rapidly in recent years. As a result, there have been concerns about rising levels of gambling addiction. People have never had easier access to different forms of gambling.

introduced a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling-related purposes in April 2020

The UK authorities, in particular, have been looking at ways to better protect at-risk gamblers. Some of the measures the government has introduced relate to trying to stop the problem at its source. For example, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) introduced a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling-related purposes in April 2020. Many leading banks now give customers the ability to block money coming out of their accounts for gambling-related transactions.

With the ongoing UK government review of the 2005 Gambling Act, it is expected that more stringent affordability checks will come into place for gamblers. This is among a raft of changes that are likely to be proposed following the publishing of the government’s white paper in the coming months. Other possible changes include banning gambling companies from sponsoring sports teams and introducing soft caps on deposits.

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