Nevada Moves Closer to Remote Registration for Cashless Gaming

  • The Nevada Gaming Control Board made a recommendation to allow remote registration
  • The proposal needs final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission
  • It would not cover remote registration for online sports betting and racing betting accounts
  • Nevada officials have clarified with federal officials that remote registration would be legal
  • Resorts World Las Vegas is the standout casino resort with a cashless system up and running
cashless payment with a smartphone
The Nevada Gaming Control Board is pushing to allow remote registration for casino cashless gaming accounts. [Image:]

Just a recommendation at this point

Nevada officials are hoping to give people the ability to remotely register for cashless gaming and payments in the state. The Nevada Gaming Control Board made a recommendation on Thursday that would get rid of the need for people to physically visit casinos in order to sign up for cashless gaming accounts.

Nevada Gaming Commission has the ability to grant final approval

The Nevada Gaming Commission has the ability to grant final approval on the matter and will potentially look at the issue in January. This proposal does not allow people to register remotely for online sports betting and racing betting accounts; bettors would still need to visit retail sportsbooks in order to create these types of accounts.

Instead, the measure focuses on allowing people to set up cashless gaming accounts remotely that will allow them to place wagers at land-based casinos without needing physical money. In order for remote registration of sports betting accounts to be a part of the proposal, Gaming Control Board chairman Brin Gibson said that there would have to be a “separate and distinct amendment process.”

Getting the all-clear from federal authorities

Sightline Payments has been a key party in pushing for changes in the registration process. Frustrated that customers had to potentially line up for hours in order to register rather than being able to engage in cashless gaming and make payments straight away, the company was responsible for the launch of a cashless payment system in June at Resorts World Las Vegas.

People currently have to visit casinos to register for cashless gaming because a casino employee needs to verify their identity.

Following the news of the recommendation from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Sightline applauded the move. Sightline Payments co-CEO Omer Sattar said: “Today’s recommendation is a further step toward modernizing Nevada’s cashless infrastructure and ensuring Nevada remains the gold standard for gaming innovation.”

Station Casinos had previously expressed concerns regarding possible violations of federal anti-money laundering laws regarding remote registration for cashless systems, but has since given up its opposition on the matter. The Nevada Gaming Control Board confirmed that remote verification is acceptable once the customers furnish valid government identification. Officials received guidance from the US Treasury Department on the matter.

The advantages of cashless gaming

Currently, visitors to the Resorts World casino in Las Vegas are able to play at tables games and slot machines, place sports bets, and pay for goods at restaurants and retail outlets without needing physical cash. There are many advantages associated with cashless gaming, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

does not discourage visitation to casinos in any way or jeopardize regulatory oversight

Nevada Gaming Control Board member Philip Katsaros spoke about how it makes sense to have remote registration for these types of systems. He reassured casino companies that the board’s proposal does not discourage visitation to casinos in any way or jeopardize regulatory oversight. Instead, it allows consumers to have more choice and avoid having to line up for long periods of time.

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