Man Abducted and Robbed After Leaving Pennsylvania Casino

  • The man discovered a U-Haul van outside his home upon returning from Parx Casino
  • Three men wearing masks and gloves kidnapped him and brought him to an unknown basement
  • His kidnappers stole cash, credit cards, debit card, sneakers, house keys, and a handgun
  • In another case, attackers robbed and shot a man dead last month after he left Parx Casino
Man tied up
Assailants in Philadelphia have kidnapped and robbed a gambler after he returned home from Parx Casino. [Image:]

A terrible ordeal

A man from Philadelphia was abducted and robbed after returning home from a casino over the weekend. The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, with the 46-year-old man leaving Parx Casino in Bensalem and discovering a U-Haul van outside of his house upon his return.

three men wearing masks and gloves grabbed him

The man parked his vehicle and went to enter his house when three men wearing masks and gloves grabbed him and placed him in the van. The assailants then brought the casino gambler to a basement in an unknown location and tied him up. According to the victim, the kidnappers asked where he hid the cash in his house while their accomplices searched his home.

Eventually, the kidnappers released the captive approximately two miles from his house. He rang the police after walking home, with the authorities arriving at his residence at approximately 6am.

Death threats

In his statement to the police, the Parx Casino gambler outlined how the kidnappers successfully stole cash from his person and his home as well as taking credit cards, debit cards, house keys, sneakers, and a handgun.

Casino-related robberies are a common threat in the US, as people often leave gambling venues with large sums of cash in their possession.

He outlined how the attackers had numerous guns and threatened to kill him if he informed the police about the incident. The victim received two punches to the face during the ordeal.

The Philadelphia Special Victims Unit is currently investigating the matter and officials have confirmed that they are seeking four suspects. It is unclear if the attackers followed the victim home from the casino or if they were already waiting for him.

Another worrying recent incident

In October, authorities investigated another crime related to Parx Casino. Two men followed a 53-year-old New Jersey resident home from the casino before robbing him and shooting him dead. Officials have made numerous arrests in this case, with one man charged with Sree Aravapalli’s murder and another facing armed robbery-related charges.

cashed out winnings worth about $10,000 before departing the casino

The victim reportedly cashed out winnings worth about $10,000 before departing the casino. Surveillance footage showed two men hovering near the victim during the course of the night.

Police identified one of the men after he used a debit card at the casino. A white BMW followed the victim home, with police finding the same car outside of one of the suspect’s homes. Upon searching the vehicle and residence, police discovered clothing that matched what one of the suspects was wearing in the CCTV footage.

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