Montana Casino Murder-Suicide Leaves Three People Dead

  • The shooter killed two people at the Stateline Casino before turning the gun on himself
  • Police have not released the names of the victims
  • Stateline Casino and the nearby Colby Casino will be staying closed until further notice
  • This is unfortunately only the latest casino-related shooting this year
Police car at night
Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an apparent murder-suicide at the Stateline Casino in Bainville, Montana that left three people dead. [Image:]

A tragic incident

A murder-suicide at a Montana casino has left three people dead. The incident took place on Saturday inside the Stateline Casino in Bainville, when a gunman killed two people at the property before proceeding to fatally shoot himself. The three people reportedly knew each other, but the authorities have not yet released any names. There were no injuries to bystanders.

When the deputies arrived at the scene shortly after 5:20pm, they discovered three people who were not displaying any signs of life. The precise time of the shootings is still unclear and, according to a Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, the early evidence points toward the incident being a murder-suicide.

Closed until further notice

Following the shootings, Stateline Casino and the nearby Colby Casino decided to close their properties temporarily. There is no indication as to when they will reopen.

law enforcement is still continuing with their investigation

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Stateline Casino thanked people for their support and for the response from the community as a whole. It also thanked the emergency team that responded to this situation. Law enforcement is still continuing with their investigation and talking to all potential witnesses in order to get a grasp on what exactly took place. The sheriff’s office reassured local residents that there was no ongoing danger to them.

Other casino-related shootings

Unfortunately, this is only the latest casino-related shooting in recent months. In October, a visitor at the Parx Casino in New Jersey was followed home and shot dead after winning $10,000. Police in Wisconsin fatally shot a gunman who had killed two people at a casino in May. Law enforcement was quick to respond to the shooting incident at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay.

In March, an employee at the Wynn Las Vegas shot dead a security officer who was sitting in a car in the parking garage. The security officer was able to return fire and shoot the employee; the authorities pronounced both individuals dead at the scene.

The most notable and tragic casino-related shooting took place in October 2017 when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas from his hotel room at Mandalay Bay, killing 60 people and wounding 411. He then turned the gun on himself. Despite extensive investigations, there has been no clear motive provided for this attack.

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