Oregon Casino Campground Killer Suspect Turns Himself In After Triple Murder

  • Oen Evan Nicholson allegedly killed his dad and another man, plus a woman in a marijuana store
  • The body of the suspect’s father “was found in a trailer” at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park
  • Nicholson reportedly forced a woman to drive him over 2,000 miles from Oregon to Milwaukee
  • The suspected murderer eventually gave himself up peacefully in Milwaukee on Sunday
  • He will face multiple charges, including first-degree murder, back in Oregon
map of Coos Bay in North Bend
The man suspected of killing his own father and two others in Oregon turned himself in on Sunday, over 2,000 miles away from the North Bend scenes of his multiple crimes. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Three Friday murders in North Bend

The man suspected of killing his father and another man at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park in North Bend, Oregon, turned himself in over the weekend after forcing a woman to drive him over 2,000 miles to Wisconsin.

a suspect in the death of his father

Oen Evan Nicholson, 30, is a suspect in the death of his father Charles Simms Nicholson, 83, Anthony Oyster, 74, and Jennifer L. Davidson, 47. All three murders occurred in Oregon on Friday, with Nicholson turning himself in peacefully Sunday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Associated Press reported that Nicholson senior’s body “was found in a trailer” at one of The Mill Casino’s RV campsites. Police authorities added that the suspect stole his father’s pickup and ran over Anthony and Linda Oyster, a septuagenarian couple from Florida, at the RV site. While her husband died following the incident, Linda Oyster remains in critical condition.

According to Coos County District Attorney R. Paul Frasier, shortly after running down the Oysters, the suspect drove to a North Bend marijuana dispensary where he allegedly shot and killed Davidson.

Oen Nicholson fled east

With the blood of three victims on his hands, the murder suspect departed the North Bend area in the stolen pickup, which was later found crashed and burned outside the Oregon city of Springfield.

The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park is located in the Coos Bay area along the southern Oregon coast. The property includes over 100 RV sites, while its casino features more than 150 slot machines, table games, and what it says is the southern Oregon coast’s “only sports betting casino”

It was in this city that Nicholson approached Laura Johnson with a gun and forced her to drive him on an epic journey east. Johnson’s father Dennis Johnson told KEZI-TV that after driving the murder suspect for 33 hours, his daughter was “able to talk him into turning himself in.”

Johnson was unharmed and is returning to Oregon, a statement from Springfield police read. Authorities in Milwaukee did not disclose any additional information about how Nicholson gave himself up.

Suspect faces multiple charges in Oregon

After his suspected murder-and-flee spree, Nicholson has racked up multiple charges. Besides first-degree murder charges for the deaths of his father, Oyster, and Davidson, there’s a second-degree attempted murder charge, first-degree assault, and “failing to help a person injured in a traffic accident”, the Associated Press reports Frasier as saying.

The Coos County DA also added that the suspect will appear in court in Milwaukee shortly before returning to Oregon to face the multiple charges.

In neighboring Idaho, a woman who kidnapped and severely tortured another woman over a suspected dispute involving a $3,000 casino win was on June 15 sentenced to prison for over 20 years.

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