Star Casino Card Dealer Fired and Arrested After Bizarre Drug Incident

  • The male employee dropped a bag of drugs from a balcony of the Sydney casino
  • The worker claims to have found the drugs in his pocket
  • A female gaming attendant also got fired after she gambled online while working
  • The Star recently increased its capacity from 1,800 to almost 10,000
Cop holding a baggie of white powder behind a handcuffed man
A Star Sydney Casino card dealer was fired and arrested after dropping a bag of drugs he said he “found” in his pocket from a balcony. [Image:]

Drug drop

A bizarre incident involving a card dealer at Australia’s Star Sydney Casino and drugs has resulted in the employee being fired and arrested. The dealer was off duty when he dropped a bag of white powder from a balcony railing. Casino security cameras caught the incident on tape.

can no longer enter or work at the casino for five years

Security found the bag and reviewed the footage to see what exactly occurred. Because of the incident, the dealer can no longer enter or work at the casino for five years. Police charged the man with possession of a prohibited drug.

The drug drop was one of two incidents that took place at the Star Casino involving criminal activity.

Don’t do this at work

Security footage shows that the card dealer, off-duty at the time, reached into his pocket and pulled out the bag of powder. He then decided to throw the bag off the balcony, for no readily apparent reason. Security footage shows the employee and another man leaning on the railing right before he dropped the drugs.

he had “found” the bag in his pocket and wanted to get rid of it

Security officers found the bag in the plants below the balcony where the men were standing. The Liquor and Gaming Authority spoke with the dealer and asked where the powder came from. He said he had “found” the bag in his pocket and wanted to get rid of it, so he dropped it over the rail.

A female employee also faces charges for rule violations while at work. The casino caught the gaming attendant placing bets on a gambling app while on the clock. She posted a total of 28 wagers in January and February. Because of her actions while working, the Star fired her.

Violating responsibilities

Liquor and Gaming Authority Chair Philip Crawford reported that the Star Sydney fired the employees because they violated their responsibilities. Crawford said casino employees should work to safeguard the casino’s integrity, including from criminal influence, adding: “A casino special employee is a licensee engaged to supervise and facilitate gaming activities.”

Crawford also pointed out that casinos like the Star place a special amount of trust in their employees. Individuals hired by gaming companies are expected to avoid misconduct or exploitation of their employer.

Busier gaming environment

The incidents come at a time when the Star Casino is busier than it has been most of the year. Earlier this month, authorities allowed The Star Entertainment Group to increase capacity at its Australian casinos. State governments have begun relaxing COVID-19 restrictions in many areas of the country.

Officials originally restricted the Star Sydney to just 1,800 total guests at one time. Now, the casino can host around 10,000 because of the size of the property. The increase in capacity will allow the casino to bring back employees who were on furlough for most of the year.

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