Las Vegas Strip Casino Workers Looking at Further Layoffs

  • MGM Grand, Park MGM, and the Tropicana are laying off 1,172 employees
  • Tropicana is laying off 828 workers by the end of the year due to pandemic struggles
  • Those affected at the MGM Grand and Park MGM are live entertainment workers
  • Nevada’s unemployment rate in September was 12.6%, an 8.9% year-on-year rise
Lion statue outside of MGM Grand in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Strip casinos have announced another 1,172 employee layoffs as they continue to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Image:]

Latest batch of layoffs

Three Las Vegas Strip casinos have announced that there will be more layoffs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Casinos in the city have been struggling since reopening in June because of decreased out-of-state visitors, no convention traffic, and mandated reduced capacity.

a total of 1,172 employees will be losing their jobs

The MGM Grand, Park MGM, and the Tropicana all sent letters to employment officials in Nevada, outlining that a total of 1,172 employees will be losing their jobs. 

These letters, made public on October 26, are required through the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. This reporting obligation is in place to make sure that employees receive sufficient notice of layoffs at large companies so they can start to look for other jobs. 

The M Resort Spa Casino in Henderson, Nevada also announced last week that it will be permanently laying off 236 workers in December.

Specifics of the layoffs

Looking closer at the Las Vegas Strip job losses, the Tropicana is cutting 828 workers, Park MGM will let go of 180 employees, and the MGM Grand is laying off 164 people. The Tropicana already laid off 702 workers on October 15 and has said that another 132 people will lose their jobs over a two-week period in December. 

circumstances that were sudden, dramatic and beyond our control”

Speaking about these layoffs was Tropicana’s assistant general manager Mike Thoma. He said: “These layoffs at Tropicana Las Vegas, Inc. are the unfortunate result of COVID-19 related business circumstances that were sudden, dramatic and beyond our control.”

The MGM Grand workers that will be losing their jobs will be from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The 180 Park MGM workers that will be laid off have positions in the Park Theater. In a statement, an MGM Resorts International spokesperson said that none of its employees are affected, as the layoffs are coming from the two properties’ live entertainment venues, operated by a third party.

A struggling sector

Casinos in Nevada had to close in the middle of March following a shutdown order from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. They reopened at the beginning of June with reduced capacity and extensive health and safety protocols in place.

A number of casinos laid off employees as a result of pandemic struggles in recent months, with MGM cutting about 25% of its 68,000 total workforce.

According to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation in Nevada, the total number of jobs in the state has fallen by 127,000 since September 2019. The unemployment rate in Nevada was 12.6% last month, an 8.9% rise year-on-year. Air travel was also 61% lower year-on-year in September at the city’s McCarran International Airport.

The casino sector in Las Vegas is struggling due to lower tourism and convention travel. As a result of the lack of conventions, a number of casinos have decided to narrow their opening hours, with some now only opening a few days per week.

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