Wynn Resorts CEO Reveals Plan to Bring Back Las Vegas Conventions and Entertainment

  • Plans include an on-sitre rapid COVID-19 testing center at Wynn Las Vegas
  • Employees and guests can get tested and have the results sent via a mobile application
  • Testing will use FDA approved PCR technology
  • MGM Resorts will also offer on-site testing as conventions and entertainment reopen
Wynn Las Vegas exterior
Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox explained his plan to reopen Las Vegas conventions and entertainment via an op-ed in The Nevada Indendepent. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Insight into reopening

Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox wrote an op-ed for The Nevada Independent this week, explaining how Wynn Resorts plans to bring back Las Vegas conventions, nightlife, and entertainment. These normally large parts of Las Vegas and casino life remain closed as the coronavirus continues to be an issue in Nevada and the United States.

on-site COVID-19 testing lab at the Wynn Las Vegas

The plan has multiple layers, with a foundation that involves health and safety. Included in the plan is the launch of an on-site COVID-19 testing lab at the Wynn Las Vegas. The company will introduce rapid tests and the creation of “safe zones” to aid in the state’s economic recovery.

Las Vegas conventions and entertainment push

Maddox is a long-time resident of Las Vegas and has vast experience in the economy and culture of the area. As the CEO of Wynn Resorts, Maddox points out in his piece that the city provides a fun escape with a mixture of events, conventions, and entertainment. Visitors come to Sin City to gamble at casinos, attend festivals and concerts, go to nightclubs, and watch professional sports such as the Golden Knights and the Raiders.

According to the Maddox, corporate travel and conventions will slowly begin to increase over the next few months and into the new year. Signs are emerging that point to an increase in leisure travel and Maddox feels that Las Vegas should be the go-to destination for travelers seeking to unwind and have fun during this unprecedented time.

Coming back

Maddox also provided insight as to how Las Vegas can come back to its former state, offering a mix of entertainment once again. Wynn Resorts has been working with Georgetown University, the University Medical Center (UMC), and labs in both New York and California. Studies have been conducted involving technology that will rapidly test thousands of people for coronavirus in just hours.

With rapid testing progress being made, an on-site lab at Wynn Las Vegas, in conjunction with the University Medical Center, will be used to produce accurate rapid tests on a daily basis at a fraction of the usual cost. The testing process will use FDA approved PCR technology that is considered a “gold standard.” UNLV will track and analyze the results.

The lab is expected to be completed by the Thanksgiving holiday. Maddox pointed out that research shows visitors are staying away from Las Vegas not due to the physical environment but the fear of contracting the virus from other people. Wynn Resorts hopes to alleviate this fear by providing more testing capabilities.

The testing process

Maddox uses a Lionel Richie concert as an example of how testing will work. A group of people planning on attending the concert at 7pm travel to the on-site testing center from 12pm to 4pm that same day. They provide a saliva sample and download barcode scans into a UMC application.

Once the test results come back, a negative test will show a green light on the app. This allows attendees to go to the show and helps to promote a healthy environment. Wynn has plans to require a test for every employee who works at a show, Las Vegas convention, nightclub, or other event that would be crowded and be considered a mass gathering.

the approach will help to accelerate Nevada’s recovery

Maddox reported that Wynn Resorts needs state approval to start this plan. He believes they will be approved, as the approach will help to accelerate Nevada’s recovery.

MGM to also launch on-site testing

Along with Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International also has plans to start on-site testing. On Tuesday, the company revealed its Convene with Confidence plan. The goal of the plan is to reintroduce entertainment options across the US by using tools such as on-site COVID-19 testing.

For Las Vegas conventions at MGM properties, the company plans to offer a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. In-person meetings will be included where rapid testing and touchless screening kiosks are implemented before an individual enters a venue.

The announcements by MGM and Wynn come just shortly after Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak revealed that small-scale conventions can be hosted once again. Organizers can apply to host an event with 1,000 attendees. The individuals must be separated into groups of 250 when in spaces such as banquet halls.

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